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Starboops are struggling with platfu pitch: "Everything was over …"

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 19:11

Max Verstappen ruined himself with a collision his race already early

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(cafetheology.org) – Max Verstappen remains the pitch still faithful. While his Red Bull team colleague Daniel Ricciardo rides to fourth place at the Italian Grand Prix, the race of the Dutchman has again started early. This time, however, he did not have to accept a failure, but after a collision with Felipe Massa and a defeated Plattfu, all chances were good. The Youngster was tenth, "Yeah, that's really good, a point, Schn," Starbase rolled his eyes. "My race had run after three laps, but we had to start with the soft tires, but of course I had to catch a platfu, so we had to make two stops," he says. "I was on the straight track, but when he was braked for the turn, he came back and pushed me beside the track," says the Dutchman. "Then we talked, I got a platform and everything was over." Massa, on the other hand, continued on the road and did not take any punishment on the part of the race commissaries – which is a bit stupid as well: "My race was over, whether he gets a penalty or not, I do not care." Pace good enough for the podium Red Bull team is bothering with the situation. Although neither Teamchef Christian Horner nor motor sport consultant Helmut Marko Massa would like to blame Helmut Marko Massa (keyword: "racing accident"), but one gets angry once again about the bad luck and a missed chance: "The bad luck was that Max has suffered a tire damage currently in no good phase, "sighs Marko.Natrlich may be questioned whether it is still bad luck, if it gets a driver in a collision. Expert Niki Lauda would rather ask: "He's going in his own way, so he can score points, and he's going to have to decide what's more important," he criticizes the Dutchman. But Laudas Landsmann Marko beckons: "X others have the same thing and nothing has happened." The fact is: From then on, the first stall was last and lay 50 seconds behind the field. The 19-year-old still struggled with a strong pace to 10th place, but one may wonder where stopping could have landed without the collision. In the team, it is certain that it would have gone very far forward: "Without that Max would have driven to the podium," says Marko. "Max had a good start and lay behind Rikkonen, had he made the maneuver, he would surely have been on the podium today," Horner agrees too.Hornner: Blatt will turn.Pieces of Verstappen also goes on in Italy, too you have to know beforehand how teamchef Horner says: "Max started the 13th race with the RB13 from rank 13. There it had to happen." In future, Red Bull will keep all the leaders and black cats from his driver. But seriously: Do not do it. "I think the Red Bull will be the second fastest car in Monza today," he said the pace of his team-mate, and Singapore is a race with Red Bull among the favorites. And, after all, there was a counter, or a stupid, monotonous voice instead of a zero number: "Yes, that's really good.


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