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SPD politician Karamba Diaby defends himself against NPD hate

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | World News

The SPD Bundestag deputy Karamba Diaby from Halle makes a criminal complaint against the authors of racist comments on the Facebook page of the NPD.

"The decision that he does," said a speaker of the parliamentarian. The documents were expected to be submitted to the public prosecutor during the day.

Racist insults according to FB-Post of the NPD
The NPD had reported on Monday on their Facebook page under the post of an election campaign by Diaby: "'German People's Representatives' according to today's SPD understanding". Thereupon, there were comments on the page with racist insults.

Diaby is frightened by the fact that people nowadays are no longer anonymous, but with their real name racist comments on the Internet and even be proud of it, said the speaker. The MP is convinced that the investigators will succeed in identifying the authors of anonymous hatred comments.

Diaby (55) was the first African-born black man to be elected to the Bundestag in 2013. The chemist and promoted geo-ecologist from Halle, who is from Senegal, will be re-elected on September 24th.


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