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SPD only 8 per cent ahead of the AfD

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

The SPD has lost a percentage point in the ARD "Deutschlandtrend" just under one and a half weeks before the Bundestag election and currently stands at only 20 per cent. This is their weakest since January.

In the survey published on Thursday the Social Democrats are only 8 percentage points ahead of the AfD, which comes to 12 percent (plus 1). The Union as the strongest party remains at 37 percent. The FDP advances to 9.5 with 9.5 percent (plus 0.5). The left is losing slightly and comes to 9 per cent (minus 1), the Greens to 7.5 per cent (minus 0.5).

Merkel in chancellor question in front
In the purely theoretical case of a direct election of the chancellor, Chancellor Angela Merkel is still far ahead. However, with a 51 per cent (minus 3), it is slightly more positive than SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz with 25 per cent (-1).

  With these figures, there would not be a majority for further two alliances alongside a large coalition. A so-called Jamaica coalition from CDU, FDP and Greens would be possible by triple alliances. Both FDP and Greens, however, have described this as very unlikely.

When it comes to future coalitions, unions and SPD supporters are divided. In a decision between a Grand Coalition and a Jamaica coalition after the election, 45 per cent of the Union's supporters would opt for a new alliance with the SPD while 46 per cent would be for Jamaica. For the SPD supporters, a small majority of 50 per cent would be a large coalition with the Union, while 46 per cent would be in the opposition.

 According to the survey, only 57 per cent of all eligible voters are already voting. According to the Infratest dimap, 1003 voting rights were questioned nationwide from Tuesday to Wednesday.


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