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SpaceX brings mysterious Shuttle X-37B into space

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | World News

SpaceX, a space company, has launched a space shuttle of the US military into space. What the unmanned aircraft is meant for is strictly secret.

  The unmanned Falcon rocket lifted on Thursday from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, while schools and businesses were preparing for the arrival of the "Irma" cyclone. Shortly after, parts of the launching unit landed safely again in Cape Canaveral, as SpaceX reported. The return unit is to be reused.

The secret minime shuttle X-37B was located in the rocket tip. Details about the flight of the shuttle in space did not at the request of the US Air Force. What the minishuttle does in space, the military kept to itself.

The Minishuttle is almost nine meters long, has a span of more than four meters and can remain in space for several years. X-37B is much smaller than the 2011 disused space shuttle "Atlantis". This was 37 meters long and had a span of almost 24 meters. It was the fifth launch of an X-37B. Earlier operations had been launched with United States Launch Alliance's Atlas V missiles, the first in 2010. The Luftwaffe said they wanted to test different carrier systems. The last mission so far ended in May after almost two years of flight with the landing of X-37B on the former Space Shuttle runway.


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