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Spa: Pirelli reckoned with victory for Sebastian Vettel

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

August 28, 2017 – 12:55 pm
Despite a much softer tire Sebastian Vettel did not pass Lewis Hamilton in the final stages of the Belgium Grand Prix: Pirelli delivers an explanation attempt
(cafetheology.org) – A very controlled race of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps was ridden on Sunday 14 laps before the end of the safety car phase. By the neutralization not only the lead of Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) on Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) merged. After a pit stop by the two leading drivers, they also drove on different tire mixtures in the final phase. While Hamilton once again picked up so-called Pirelli tires, Vettel switched to a set of fresh ultrasofter slicks, which he had spared in qualifying. With the two steps of softer tires, Vettel had a clear advantage in the final phase on the paper. "Frankly, Ferrari," replies Sportchef Mario Isola to the question, which team he had expected after the safety car phase at the top of the podium, "because the ultra was on Friday 1.5 seconds faster, we knew the round-delta in the race was lower, but I had presented myself 0.9 to a second. "But it came differently. After Hamilton had re-launched a first attack by Vettel with the help of all the tricks, the Ferrari driver was no longer in a position from which he would have been able to make an attempt at overtaking. But why was the advantage of ultrasoften tires not as great as expected? According to Pirelli, the higher temperatures could have been due to the race day: "In warm weather, the softer tire has a slightly larger working window, while the ultrasofte suffers a little at these temperatures. "Lewis was also very fast on Friday on the fast and confirmed on Sunday." Even in the first free practice, Hamilton had missed the fastest time of Kimi Rikknen on ultrasoft by only a few hundredths of a second.


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