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Spa: Force-India War Continues on Social Media

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

28. August 2017 – 06:31

Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon supply a war of words on the Internet


(cafetheology.org) – Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez will probably no longer be friends in this life. After their two-time contest on the track at the Grand Prix of Belgium, the Force's inter-war campaign is now continuing on social media. On Sunday evening, Ocon made a tweet by sharpening his allegations to Perez: "We had a good race , Until Perez tried twice to kill me, but he did not succeed, so I became Ninth. " The 20-year-old posted a video of the second incident when he approached Eau Rouge: "Guys, what the hell is going on, honestly, what the hell is going on?" The first threats of Mexican Perez fans On Ocons Tweet were not long in coming, and Perez also seems to have gotten wind. For a few hours later, he postponed a video on Facebook, in which he showed himself diplomatically and diplomatically, but nevertheless determined his point of view. The video reached an enormous reach in the first few hours on social media. Perez's intention was to "explain my version of what happened". He repeats what he already said after the race: he mistakenly got the wrong engine mode at the start, so he had missed his way to La Source's performance. "I can prove that because the red tail light was blinking," he says. And because he was suddenly much slower than the cars round, the 27-year-old lost the overview: "Suddenly, Hülkenberg is back" And I am surprised, and the next moment he is next to me, so I was so focused on him that I did not expect Esteban on the right, and when I moved to the right I touched him I'm sorry. "Perez sees the second incident later in the race:" I just stayed on my line, there was no room for two cars. " Ocon makes the accusation that the Frenchman "should have waited until Eau Rouge". That would have been less dangerous and would have been just as easy with windshadows and DRS. The team-internal relationship, which had been charged at the latest since the collision in Baku, now seems to be finally broken: "I am very disappointed with his statement that I wanted to kill him "I'm not a stupid one," Perez says, "We're professionals . "For his career planning, he did not do well with the sharply criticized action at Spa. Force India wants to hold on to Ocon and has already signaled this against Mercedes already. So far, Perez has also been a candidate for choice, but the team management seems to lose faith in the fact that the two can cooperate constructively. Baku and Spa have cost valuable World Cup points. And in doubt, Force India is less dependent on the expensive Perez than on the cheap Ocon, which belongs to the future and the Mercedes support brings. Perez seems to dawn that a farewell is no longer excluded: "In the next eight races, I will be the very best for "He says," he's got a plan B: Williams would have it according to information from 'Motorsport-Total' .com 'with kiss hand …


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