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Social Network: Facebook brings more memories to users

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Gadgets

Facebook has announced in a blog post to expand the remembrance function within the social network. In the future, users are not only shown daily reminders, but also sorted by months and seasons.

    Memories will be sorted on Facebook in the future, even after months and seasons. (Picture: Facebook)

So far, Facebook users are displaying their own contributions on the anniversary days under the title "On this day". This includes shared photos and normal posts. This selects Facebook through an algorithm. In future, users should also get the highlights of a month displayed; These, unlike the past, appear to appear directly after the end of the respective month, and not on the anniversary.
Summary by season
At the same time, there will be a seasonal summary that is divided into seasons. This too is apparently published shortly after the end of the season. Like "On this day", the new posts appear in the user's newsfeed and can be shared.
With regard to the displayed anniversaries, the social network is aware that this also includes contributions that users do not want to remember. Similarly, Facebook has developed algorithms and filters that search for photos and contributions that should be of interest to the respective user. For more details, do not tell Facebook.
New congratulations
In addition to the new summaries, Facebook also introduces new contributions that congratulate the user to a certain number of friends or likes. In the coming months, Facebook wants to extend this type of notifications further. Can not share user them for now.


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