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"Social Jetlag" – Tired and limp in the office – That's how it can be avoided News

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Economy

Sleep is a phenomenon that is still being researched. Much about the rest of the body raises questions – we do not even know exactly why we are sleeping. The biological function of sleep has not been deciphered by science.
However: much sleep alone is not enough to be fit and powerful. Even if an average of seven to eight hours a week is sleeping, this leads to fatigue, tiredness and decreasing productivity in the workplace. The reason: The sleeping pattern during the week (early getting up) and that on the weekend – (sleeping after a long exit) differ strongly.
The phenomenon behind it is called Social Jetlag. It is investigated how much different sleep times influence the rhythm and how much this leads to losses in the quality of life. In the case of Social Jetlag, it is assumed that people have an internal clock which, if disturbed, has negative consequences. The thesis is thus that not the duration, but the regularity of sleep decide about the condition.
The term comes from the English word "socialising" (the society of other people divide) and means that the outgoing behavior significantly affects the sleeping patterns. The scientific sphere, which examines this aspect of sleep, is called chronobiology. Jens Acker, head physician for sleep medicine at the private clinic group KSM in Bad Zurzach, says: "Social rhythm has been a part of the diagnosis for a long time, but the topic is not yet known to the public Issue. " Sleep disturbances are generally underestimated.
Who is particularly affected?
The inner clock is obviously determined by heredity. And since there are also normal rush hour early risers and night active. They sometimes call "larks" and "owls". The latter are those who go to bed late in the week and compensate for this by sleeping on the weekend. This makes them vulnerable to the social jet lag. The "larks" have rather a problem, against their will, because of their social life, stay up late in the evening.
How stressful is the social jet lag?
Fatigue is bad for work productivity and well-being. Little sleep also makes you more irritable, which leads to conflicts with other people. However, comparative studies also show that an irregular sleep pattern – especially in shift workers – increases the risk for the metabolic syndrome: these include overweight, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders and sugar disease. Also the risk for bad cholesterol and heart disease is increasing. According to a study by the University of Arizona in Tucson by at least 11 percent.
Where do regular sleeping times affect?
A hospital in Boston sent students and students a journal about sleep. Improved test results were found in those subjects who had a regular sleep rhythm. The output of the hormone melatonin, which controls the day-night rhythm of the body, was more regular with them than with the other test persons. This also led to the fact that the "regular sleepers" could fall asleep better than the others.
Which leads to the question how one can, as a professional person, do in everyday life. Please note the following:
Of course not all people react immediately to the sleep rhythm. Anyone who is not often tired and proven to be fit during changing sleep times should not worry about the internal clock either. However, if you have a regular check-out period of one or two weeks for a period of two weeks, and if you notice an improvement in your condition, you might suffer from social jet lag.
Always set the alarm
To control the sleep rhythm is to set the alarm clock also at the weekend. That the sleep is shortened when it has become late the night before is ultimately the lesser evil, because you are back into the rhythm. In addition, the alarm clock is strongly advised to do without the "snooze" function and to stand up immediately: Delayed waking up in the morning is a burden on many people in the body.
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A handwritten sleep journal shows how much you sleep. With apps and smartphone installations, different aspects of sleep can also be represented, for example, a journal on sleep times. The "Sleep Cycle" app, for example, has such functions. On iPhones, a function called "bedtime" with alarm function is permanently installed; However, not all slack enthusiasts are enthusiastic about the use of electronic devices on the nightstand, because they are suspected of disturbing sleep patterns as well.
Change social life (a bit)
Grossmutter's wisdom that the youth spoils a lot of things is in some respects: Social Jetlag becomes a bigger problem in old age. If you do not tolerate a long stay in the evening, you should train a better wake-sleep behavior. Even late-night telephone calls, long television or the next reading can be organized differently. To go to social isolation is also no way: weighing is therefore in demand.
Use performance pressure reasonably
"In sleep deficit you have to be honest with yourself," says Schlafmediziner Acker. A contest or performance thought, that whoever sleep less, is contraproductive. Lack of sleep also leads to higher risk management, especially in the financial industry. "And there is to be considered: Successful people consider sensible sleeping times," says the doctor.
Check other reasons
Poor sleep and daytime fatigue has different reasons. In addition to the social jet lag, mental and physical problems also play a role, environmental influences, the diet or consumption of alcohol or drugs. Vitamin deficiency or even atemprobleme can also help. Anyone suffering from persistent sleep and fatigue problems is certainly not badly advised with a doctor's visit.
Change perception
The social jet lag is one of the reasons why many people on Monday morning show trouble to go into the everyday life. Even regular sleep should not eliminate the feeling of morning-muffiness among those who do not love Monday. But this is where the perception of the Monday morning, and what is associated with it, plays a role: after all, this is the moment when the weekend is the furthest away.


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