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So the press comments on the TV duel between Merkel and Schulz

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | World News

Duet instead of duel, political proximity instead of melee – the TV duel between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and SPD challenger Martin Schulz has received a broad response in the media. The most important reactions from the press:

"And now: the duel, the attack, and finally, Merkel can not go away anymore." Finally, discourse, confrontation, tagesschau.de takes up the expectations of many supporters to a lively strike exchange. "I am very grateful to Mrs. Merkel …", "I agree with Mrs. Merkel" … And here is one of Schulz 'problems: He can not as the SPD has ruled the past four years and to date quite well with Merkel. "

The Berliner Zeitung sees, on the other hand, a slight backwind for Schulz: "In fact, the majority of the interviewees did not have a clear winner in the lightning surveys after the television duel broadcast by ARD, ZDF, RTL and Sat.1 – many also found Merkel more convincing Schulz thus clearly exceeded the previously rather low expectations of him – and with a dedicated performance possibly managed to come back into the offensive three weeks before the election. "

On the website of the Rheinische Post it says: "One has to say after the TV duel: Germany has two convinced and reason-driven democrats who apply for the head of government, which is not the case with the populists and autocrats who rule elsewhere the most miserable. "

The Süddeutsche Zeitung has seen a "thoroughly messed up" TV duel – also because of the main focus. "Schulz is actually the much better speaker, but the real thing does not count on such an evening, Schulz could not show it, he came too rarely in voyage, he could not unfold, he could hardly score points but Merkel did not want to make it, and Schulz managed to stop it presented itself too often in the subjunctive, indeed he was the personalized subjunctive. "

 The Neue Zürcher Zeitung said the TV duel was "more like a premature coalition talk than a duel for the Chancellor": "Schulz and Merkel often nodded to each other, one of them spoke, the other nodded and vice versa "It was for him, three weeks before the election, the conversation of the last hope.

The US news portal washingtonpost.com comments: "Three weeks before Germany decides whether Chancellor Angela Merkel will remain in office for another four years, she put on a debate with her biggest rival, who had announced the TV stations as a duel , but which at times was more like a duet. (…) One issue after another – including refugees, the economy and of course (US) president (Donald) Trump – the couple occasionally showed slight disagreements, but saw mostly from serious attacks Trump himself received much more criticism than what the two candidates were doing to each other. "

  The Heilbronner voice is also disappointed by Schulz: "Schulz was to attack and the Chancellor into the corner, but the candidate was bogged down and slipped several times on the smooth duel floor, which began with his approximate statement in the refugee problem hard-to-follow pirouette, Schulz did in Turkey, promptly turning to the CDU's anti-Turkey course for years, and now calling for the end of the EU accession negotiations, was inconsistent as he did not want to cancel the refugee agreement with Turkey. "

The Stuttgart news said: "It came as it had to come: The Rededuell between CDU boss and Chancellor Angela Merkel and SPD boss and Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz has contributed here and there to the public clarification of the respective positions but it did not matter, whether it was a question of flight and immigration, a clear edge against Islamic persecutors, or the praying on Sunday – Schulz often came out with expressions like 'Da has Mrs. Merkel right'. "This was a true reflection of the election campaign: two coalition partners stroked, how could it have been different."

And welt.de writes: "What a vertigo opportunity, what a haggard language puree, largely pointen-free and without great emotion." Angela Merkel has won this in the end rather glanzlose duel, and Martin Schulz has lost it after a rather impressive beginning, because he did not remain with his intellectual ridges. "


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