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So it goes on with the passenger car toll

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News

At the previous Bundestag election, the CSU has been driving through the tolls of the car and then brought them across the political hurdles. However, it has not yet been collected. How the toll continues is determined by the Bundestag election.

One sentence, millions of drivers in four years of black-red coalition have heard again and again: "The car toll comes." On the road she is still not in spite of maximum vertebra.

With all his power, Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt finally brought the controversial prestige project of his CSU to the bill shortly before the Bundestag election. First preparations are already underway. Now, however, SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz has also released the toll placard to the launch and wants to abolish it in a victory after September 24th. The final game follows after the election.

How is it going?
On paper, the matter is clear. "A toll has to be paid for the use of the Federal Highway (…)," says the toll law, paragraph 1. This is the case for more than two years without anyone paying a single cent. Because of a number of renditions, paragraph 16, which regulates the beginning of the survey, falls asleep until further notice.

The SPD, the Greens, the Left and the FDP have positioned themselves against the car toll. (Source: Julian Stratenschulte / dpa)

 With improvements to the model Dobrindt got the toll boom from Brussels. And it quickly became a fact: tenders were launched for the future operators of the toll and control system. But there are still risks, not only because Austria is indisputably threatened with lawsuits.

What is the role of the Bundestag election?
The tolls are likely to be discussed in coalition negotiations. Before the SPD, all potential partners across the Union have positioned themselves in their electoral programs. "We reject the anti-European and bureaucratic foreigners' toll and want to abolish them as quickly as possible," the Greens promise. Also FDP and left give their no black on white.

But is this a theme that ultimately raises a coalition? It is clear that the CSU does not want to sacrifice its hard-won trophy. And Schulz, according to his own words, can only make his pros- pective announcement for a toll-toll in a constellation: as chancellor. An open flank of the toll remains that the yield is not predictable.

Is the toll still to be stopped?
Originally, Dobrindt wanted to "focus" the toll on 1 January 2016. And pulling the plug out of a running system quickly would probably have been quite hopeless for a new government. Now, however, it should take until 2019, until car drivers pay. However, Dobrindt does not want to make any doubt: "The decisions have finally been finalized."

Of course, a new coalition could decide new laws. But collateral damage would probably not be avoided during an operation toll stop. One of the main threats could be that companies are then claiming to participate in the tolls currently under way for the toll system.


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