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So drove Hamilton Pole: Playstation gambled to stay cool

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 20:39

Lewis Hamilton thanked God and a Japanese game console

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(cafetheology.org) – Cool, cool, Lewis Hamilton: Even during the rainbreak of the qualifying at the Grand Prix of Italy on Saturday in Monza, the Mercedes-star zapped the best video games – to ride a little later on the rain-wet track and themselves in the most adverse conditions the Pole position with a miracle round to the nail. "I played Playstation because I was a bit nervous," said Hamilton.Ergo, with team-mate Valtteri Bottas, sitting on a sofa in the Mercedes Hospitality, playing the motorcross simulation with a grin "Trials Fusion". The whole thing was not as relaxed, however, as it would suggest to its fans in the social networks. "It was a challenge today," Hamilton snaps. The fear that it could go on with the qualifying every second, spit in his head. At this moment, every distraction was welcome: "You get out, have 15 minutes to rest, get in and out, it was difficult not to tire in your head with a lot of energy," he says of the almost endless wait. Bottas went the same way until the race management had a look and the paddock informed about a warning before a reboot: "Only when it was clear that ten minutes before a message would give, we could relax something," said the Finn. Kraft had tanked before the Playstation apparently only Hamilton. His gala display – 1.148 seconds faster than the rest of the field – he delivered in Q3 under enormous pressure and adverse conditions. "It was very difficult and the lines were hard to see," Hamilton says, breaking the best time Max Stappens (Red Bull) in the last second. That he did not immediately set to full racing and thus gave away valuable time on the track, he does not rate as a failure: "The Intermediate was a problem for everyone, it was on the border "We were surprised at how quickly we were in the wet, and from the distance Lewis had taken the poles," says Botta Silver Arrows, which Ferrari and Red Bull would have staked. Bottas also had a good time in Q1 and Q2, but there was a lot of feathers. With the glow on his head, it was a good thing: "It started well, the tires worked," Bottas thinks. However, in Q2, he was mistaken in the first chicane, and in Q3 the skins swam: "In the first lap, I did not get any temperature in the tires, so I had only one try then got too far and could hardly brake, since I have canceled the round. "

Hostile terrain: Lewis Hamilton also explored the run-out zone in Monza

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Without two clean rounds, he did not get beyond the 6th place and had to break up from Hamilton 2,279 seconds. The Briton had tapped his tires better, Bottas concludes: "Whether the tires are in the window or not can be two seconds." But thanks to the Red Bull penalties, he has a good starting position with his starting position four. "It looks on the paper bel, but is not bad." Bottas mentions a good car and sees it as a duty to snap up the Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon before him. And Hamilton? For him only the victory counts. More than before qualifying. "Hopefully it is a normal Italian and beautiful day," he puts his chips on Kaiserwetter despite the heavy rainfall. However, it is slippery after the showers, however, because the rubber has been slipped off the track: "Even then we will be the track green," predicts Hamilton. Mercedes' team supervisory board Niki Lauda knows anyway that for the silver arrows in Monza the hour has struck: "Mercedes must win here – with Hamilton on position one and Bottas to second place if we want to do something for the title Spa is a bit faster, so if we go to Singapore, where we will surely lose, it's faster than we think. "


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