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Snapchat ignites the next stage in Augmented Reality

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

Snapchat takes the next step in the subject of Augmented Reality: The popular app in the young target group has released a new feature, with which users now virtual comic avatars of themselves – so-called Bitmoji – in the Space.

          Rainbows that come out of the mouth, dancing hotdogs, virtual flower smudges on the head: Since the introduction of the filters two years ago, the so-called Lenses on Snapchat are very popular and have become one of the most used functions in the app. Especially with the "World Lenses" introduced in April, Snapchat has been showing the ambitions in the field of Augmented Reality for several months. Three-dimensional objects can be placed in the space. Now, Snapchat extends this augmented reality function to the so-called Bitmoji. These are avatars of Snapchat users, who can now be placed in the "real" world by clicking on the screen. The Bitmojis drive skateboarding, drink a coffee or do yoga. The feature is now available for both Android and iOS users.
   The animated Bitmojis may appear at first glance to be banal, but are a great hope for Snapchat. Even advertisers seem to like the AR features in the app. The "World Lenses" have been released for advertisers since May, also for those from Germany. The app has been offering different types of "Sponsored World Lenses" since then. In this way, advertisers can insert their products into the user's camera image and have them interact with the user. In addition, advertisers can influence the ambience of the photographed or filmed environment. The launch campaign began with the customer Warner Bros., who used the tool for the application of the film "Everything Everything". Netflix, Dunkin Donuts and the paint seller Glidden Paint moved to.Bitmojis are by no means an invention of Snapchat. The company swallowed the Canadian provider Bitstrips, which developed exactly these avatars, for an estimated 100 million US dollars at the beginning of 2016 – and integrated them into the app. ron





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