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Smith under pressure from KTM: Wildcard for Kallio in Aragon

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 13:59

Will Bradley Smith be on the KTM regularly in 2018?

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(cafetheology.org) – The air for Bradley Smith is getting slimmer. After a meager performance in the past races, he has to ask himself how long KTM is still patiently watching. Even in Silverstone he could not keep up with his team-mate so far. The picture is repeated, the team hopes to improve by the change of the crew. Three races have the new pairing time, because already in Aragon testpilot Mika Kallio again a wild card use. If the Finn is faster again, he could secure Esparga's side 2018. "The good thing is that my boss has clarified everything, so there are no question marks, they are trying to help me develop my potential. After all, they signed me up, "Smith commented. Esteban Garcia is at his side from Silverstone in the place of Tom Jojic, he was the crew of the test team around Kallio – who is in the top 10 in Spielberg sensationally in the top 10 and could beat Smith thus clearly. The Briton confirms the further employment of the 34th Year-old, who hopes for a fixed place in the coming season. It was already speculated that Kallio Smith was to inherit this year. "Mika will start with another wildcard in Aragon, and the team will analyze it." While in Germany he was the first to cross the 16th spot, Kallio made a furore in the tenth place. Smith only made 18th place. Also in Silverstone it was not so far wanted. Smith did not focus on fast laps on Friday but did not get enough on Saturday morning to qualify for Q2. While Pol Espargaro goes straight into the second qualifying section, Smith lacks the Spaniard's fastest time for more than a second. KTM-Teammanager Mike Leitner emphasizes in the conversation with 'MotoGP.com': "Bradley's goal is to get closer to Pol.It looks as if Pol had better on the bike, Bradley suffers a bit more From the technical side. "" I have a two-year contract, so let's see what happens, "says the 26-year-old. It might be possible that Smith could take Kallio's test roll if he could not improve. "When we look at what I've done in the Misano test and what we expect for Saturday, I'm happy with where we are at the moment," he adds. With the new Crewchief Garcia, Smith has been working together since the test runs in Italy a few days ago. "Only after two, three races," one can say more about the new partnership, says Leitner. "It is clear that we want to change the way we work in the box – the biggest step must come from Bradley himself, he knows."


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