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Smarter Speakers: Google Home Receives Bluetooth Listening and Spotify Free

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | Gadgets

Google expands its smart speaker Home, but keeps it covered to announce the innovations. Two new functions around the music reproduction were noticed by chance. Google Home receives a long overdue Bluetooth feed. As a new addition, the home speaker can also be connected with Spotify Free.

Play music via Bluetooth from the smartphone
In our test for Google Home, we had already missed that the loudspeaker does not allow Bluetooth playback. The Bluetooth connection has been included for the echo speakers from the beginning. Now this feature is updated with an update for Google Home, as the website Android Police noticed. This update is also distributed in Germany, so that Google's home owners will benefit from it.
The Google Home app allows a smartphone to be connected to the home speaker using Bluetooth. Then, music can be played over the Google speaker when it is local to the smartphone. But also the use of music streaming services is possible, so that services can be submitted, which Home does not support so far.
Spotify Free with Google Home
Google Home now allows the use of Spotify Free, as noted among other things The Verge. Again, there was no announcement from Google and home owners have to take care of themselves to learn about new features. Spotify Free support is supported in a Google Support document.

This makes Google Home one step ahead of the echo speakers. Spotify can only be used on Amazon's echo speakers in the premium version. The integration of the free Spotify service is not possible in Amazon's digital assistant Alexa. It is not known whether an update should bring a change here.

Google Home has been available in Germany since the beginning of August 2017. In our test of Google Home, we were disappointed with the possibilities of Google Assistant. The German version of the Assistant does not have any answers to many questions. Similar tasks are easily mastered by the English-speaking Google Assistant.


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