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Smart Home: Thermostat E is to inspire non-nerds

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

Instead of a shining metal ring with a large, bright screen in the center, the thermostat E of Nest has got a slightly more ordinary design. It is simply a white puck, which is mounted on the wall. This has advantages. The device is less intrusive, which could increase acceptance. Moreover, it is cheaper thanks to cheaper materials. This is in line with the goal of lowering the heating costs bill. Nest is a daughter of Google's alphabet group.

The display of the Nest Thermostat E is hidden behind milk glass. A detailed picture does not appear, instead users see large numbers and markings when they rotate at the thermostat ring to adjust the temperature. The first-generation nest thermostat has a 320 x 320 pixel display.
Like the other nest thermostats, the E is connected to the Internet and can be controlled via a smartphone app. The thermostat detects the geolocalization of the smartphone whether the user is at home or on the road and adjusts the temperature automatically, whereby, of course, a multi-user model, so that no one is left in the cooler apartment. According to the manufacturer, users with the device, currently only available in the USA, can reduce between 12 and 15 percent of their air-conditioning costs. The unit is to be compatible with about 85 percent of the heating and cooling systems on the market. They do not work with single-circuit thermostats on the radiators, which are widely distributed here.
Like the more expensive model, the Nest E can be controlled with third-party services. This includes support for Alexa from Amazon and Google's Assistant. Only for homekit users there is still no support. The Nest E costs around 170 US dollars, while the original costs 250 US dollars.

The old thermostat from Nest is to come to Germany in late 2017. As a reason for the late market entry, the manufacturer stated that the thermostat had to be adapted to the requirements of the heating systems in Germany. This process takes time.


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