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Smart Home: Philips Hue integrates switches and sensors in Homekit

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Gadgets



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Philips Hue (Picture: Philips)
Philips Hue (Picture: Philips)
Philips wants to make switches and sensors for Philips Hue devices compatible with Apple's home automation solution Homekit. In addition, the Hue LEDs like Ambilights should behave to keep TV.

Philips takes the switches and sensors integrated into the Philips Hue system into Apple's Homekit. This concerns the Hue Tap switch, the Hue dimmer and the Hue motion detector. For example, Philips' cordless motion sensor can also switch other devices when a movement is detected or a brightness level is exceeded.

Philips also wants to synchronize the Hue lighting system with content from movies, games and music. Similar to ambilights on Philips televisions, the multi-color LEDs are designed to match the screen's contents. Philips calls the Hue Entertainment. For this to work, Philips cooperates with partners such as The Voice, Syfy and Live Nation. The color information should come over the Internet and be received using the Hue app.
The app update is planned for December 2017. The Philips Hue Entertainment only works if the content providers join. The picture signal is analyzed with Ambilight.


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