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Sizmek officially closes takeover of Rocket Fuel

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

The massive takeover of Rocket Fuel by the technology provider Sizmek was announced in June, now it has been completed. As announced by Sizmek, the 145 million US dollar deal yesterday officially crossed the stage. The Rocket Fuel brand is now set to disappear completely in the coming months.

          With the acquisition of Rocket Fuel, founded by ex-Yahoo employees in California in 2008, Sizmek promises to be one of the largest independent and data-driven marketing platforms for agencies and brands. Sizmek himself speaks confidently of the "largest independent buy-side platform". Together, both companies now serve more than 20,000 advertisers and 3600 agencies in 70 countries. With the completed takeover of Rocket Fuel, Sizmek also announced two new personalities. For instance, Sizmek's former Executive Chairman, Mark Grether, will now take over as CEO. Randy Wootton, who has been CEO of Rocket Fuel since 2015, will switch to Sizmek as a special advisor, and will be responsible for the transfer phase in this position, along with Sizmek and Rocket Fuel teams. Rocket Fuel's Board of Management had taken over the acquisition of Sizmek, a subsidiary company of Vector Capital, already approved in July. The Rocket Fuel company, which is listed on the Nasdaq technology network, offers programmatic media shopping and a so-called "Predictive Marketing Platform". ron





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