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Six family members are drowning in floods

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | World News

Six members of a family have been killed in the severe flooding in the US state of Texas. On Wednesday, helpers harbored their bodies. Hurricane "Harvey" continues to travel to Louisiana, where hundreds of thousands are preparing for heavy flooding.

Inmates found the lifeless bodies in a vehicle after the water had slowly declined, as Sheriff Ed Gonzalez from Houston communicated. The family, a couple with four great-grandchildren aged six to 16, had tried to escape the rising floods. She had been missing since Sunday.

Hurricane "Harvey" had been hit for the first time in Texas five days ago and then moved back from the interior of the country back to the sea. Over the Gulf of Mexico, the storm picked up again and reached the state of Louisiana on Wednesday. There, people are preparing for heavy flooding. The mayor of the Texas city of Port Arthur, right on the border with Louisiana, Derrick Freeman, has already landed: "The whole city is under water," he wrote on Facebook.

Louisiana might be more glamorous
The US National Weather Service expects local record rainfall of more than 60 centimeters in Louisiana, where hurricane "Katrina" had hit the New Orleans area twelve years ago, but not the extreme rainfall in Texas.

In Texas, up to 125 centimeters of rain had fallen within a few days. This means a record for the mainland of the USA. More rain had previously fallen only once on Hawaii. Numerous rivers, including the Colorado, crossed the shores, dams pouring over the dams. Some dams were deliberately opened for relief, which led to further flooding.

 In addition to many injured, four dead were officially confirmed by Wednesday, including a drowned policeman. Unofficial estimates came to much higher numbers of victims. The "New York Times" wrote Wednesday of 30 deaths, CNN of 19 deaths in Texas. According to the Texas governor Greg Abbott, 32,000 people have now sought shelter in emergency accommodations. 210,000 people were registered for emergency aid.

Most affected persons are not insured against damage
In the meantime, many of the victims are concerned about their existence in the floodplains. More than 80 per cent of them are not covered by a survey of the Washington Post. The usual commercial insurance cover covered only wind damage such as covered roofs, but not floods caused by floods.

  Experts estimate the economic damage caused by "Harvey" at up to 90 billion dollars. However, according to the climate expert RMS, Michael Young, on Wednesday, he said, "It is still too early to assess the impact of the ongoing flooding.

FEMA, the disaster control agency, set up programs to replace at least the most necessary repairs and replacements for lost property. 37 million dollars are already available, Abbott said. The governor of Texas also demanded that federal funds for reconstruction must exceed the 100 billion dollar mark. So much money had been provided after the disaster by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. President Donald Trump has called for federal financial aid.


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