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Singapore: Why Bottas slower than Hamilton

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 23:01

Valtteri Bottas is currently experiencing a very difficult weekend

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(cafetheology.org) – That Mercedes in Singapore can not compete with the direct competition, is no secret and was expected even from the silver arrows. But that Valtteri Botta's team-mate Lewis Hamilton is so underdeveloped and seems to have even bigger problems, the team provides for great riddles. In terms of numbers, the Finn on the Marina Bay Street Circuit lacks more than half a second. Botta's weakness is at a very bad time. Actually, he wanted to make up for ground in the world championship, so as not to be completely out of the bill. Otherwise, the fate of number 2 threatens him: Motorsportchef Toto Wolff had already announced that Mercedes would like to commit to a driver to increase the chances in the title fight. But since the summer break, Bottas always has the look. However, the Finn gave himself fiercely and wanted with his own performance to ensure that he can continue to fight for the title. With performances like in Singapore, however, this is nothing: In the qualifying he missed nearly seven tenths of a second on Hamilton – even Nico Hülkenberg in the Renault is closer to him with two tenths of a second. The weekend is so far a single disaster.Bislang Bottas in this Formula 1 season could actually better deal with it if the Mercedes did not fit optimally, but in Singapore is different. "I have the whole weekend missing grip on the rear axle, I've tried the Lewis set-up, but there was no chance that I could drive it," the man from Nastola exercises in explanatory experiments. His problem: "I must the slipping and the wheelspin more control than I want – and then the pace is slow, "he explains. If he tries harder then it gets worse. At Mercedes one tries many solutions – partial from despair, because one was already far from the Pace. In the third session you were completely in the wrong direction and knew at least that you have to go in the other direction. At the end of the third training, you had at least found a setting with which the car was bottled for Bottas. Before the qualifying session, however, a huge change was made. "It was a bit blind," explains Bottas. "But we had to do it because there was no other way to fight the top three." There was no such thing as Hamilton, but Bottas had to realize that he could not pick up any more. "The gap to Lewis is too big," he says. And although it's the same car as in Monza , it definitely feels like a completely new car for him. Asphalt, temperatures, conditions, attitudes are different from those in Monza or even comparable routes like Sochi, and when you have to start making compromises it becomes even worse. So it is not surprising that Bottas will not be on the road tomorrow starts. "I know I will not have a great performance advantage over the others," he says, but tries to recruit himself and take advantage of every opportunity. "It's disappointing to be so far away, but I've never had any problems with resetting myself for a new day," says Bottas. "It does not help if we think about the problems of the previous day."


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