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Shredded corpse in Hamburg: police ask for clues

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | World News

After the discovery of numerous parts of a woman in Hamburg, the police asked for information from the population. One of them is a suspicious vehicle.

In connection with the case, the police are looking for posters with witnesses. The officials hung two versions of the posters at the foundations of the body parts of the killed woman as well as in the district of St. Georg, as a police officer said. There the 48-year-old from Equatorial Guinea had worked as a prostitute under the name "Rosa".

On the posters in St. Georg the investigators ask, among other things, who made eye-catching observations in the St. Georg area at the time of the disappearance of the woman. The 48-year-old was last seen on 1 August at 2 pm at Hansa-Platz in St. Georg.

The officials are also interested in a white vehicle that might be related to the case. On the posters, which hang around the foundations of the bodies of the corpses, the investigators look for witnesses who made striking observations on Hamburg waters between August 1 and August 3.

So far twelve body parts found
Since the beginning of August twelve parts of the woman's body have been discovered in the Hansestadt. They lay more than 20 kilometers apart. The female head discovered on Tuesday is also part of the corpse of the 48-year-old. "This was a DNA test," the spokesman explained. Divers had taken his head out of the Bille Canal. Lastly, on Wednesday in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort, policemen had recovered a body part from the Billwerder bay.

 From the dismembered corpse still missing parts of the body, according to the police. On Friday, the officials went to the Doveelbe again with a boat and divers, but did not discover any other corpses. The search should continue in the next days.


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