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Shocking testimonies on the attack in Barcelona

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | World News

After the attack in Barcelona, ​​witnesses portray their dramatic experiences. Locals and tourists are horrified. At the scene of the attack, dramatic scenes were taking place.

Barcelona's world-famous Las Ramblas is full of people, when on Thursday the terror strikes: A delivery truck rushes in the afternoon, kills at least 13 people and injures over a hundred. Panic spreads, among tourists and locals. People scream, run for their lives.

Xavi Perez sells sports magazines a hundred meters from the resort. After the attack, he ran out and saw people lying on the ground. "People crowded around, people were crying." Among them were many foreigners.

  "I heard a crashing noise, and then everyone started running, screaming," the Scottish human rights prosecutor Aamer Anwar told Sky News. The Ramblas were full of tourists. "I saw a woman right next to me screaming for her children."

According to Anwar, the police were extremely fast on the spot. One police car after another had arrived-as if the officers had been prepared for something like that to happen.

 "He dropped a black metal object"
Another witness, who gave his name to Sergio, said he had seen a man run down the Ramblas, followed by the police. "He dropped a black metal object, it looked like a pistol or a Taser."

Another man told TVE TVE that he had seen the alleged perpetrator when the truck came to a halt – a mid-swimmer "with brown hair and a narrow face".

The driver of the car was still on the flight on Thursday night, two other suspects – a Spaniard and a Moroccan – were arrested. On Friday morning there was another arrest in connection with the attack.

Tourist remembers London
The tourist Ethan Spibey told Sky TV how he was entrenching himself with other people in a nearby church. Many people had run away in panic and had apparently escaped to shops and cafes.

Tom Gueller, who lives in the immediate vicinity of the crime scene, told the BBC radio that he had heard shouting and a kind of impact. Then he had seen people flounder and the van trucking in the middle of the Ramblas promenade. For him it was immediately clear that it was a "terrorist attack or something similar".

Steve Garrett was on a nearby market and escaped with others to a bakery. "Because I'm from England, it reminded me fairly of what has happened in London," he said, referring to similar attacks in the British capital in recent months.


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