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Several injured in rankings at Chemnitzer Stadtfest

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | World News

According to Rangeleien at the Chemnitzer Stadtfest at the weekend, the police reports that the perpetrators were mainly of Arab origin. Also, reports of massive sexual assaults are false. The city festival was also not canceled, as the "IMAGE" newspaper, as well as various right politicians and Twitter accounts assert. An organizer is considering legal action against the spread of false rumors.

  According to the police, those involved in the fighting were people of different nationalities. This can not be differentiated in detail, said a spokeswoman in Chemnitz. Both Germans and visitors of foreign origin were involved. However, little more incidents were reported than in the previous year.

On Friday evening there was a crowd of about 100 people in front of a stage leading to several independents. A total of 260,000 people visited the festival this weekend. An injured man came to the hospital. Seven people were injured because a stranger in the crowd sprayed pepper spray.

Hardly more crimes than 2016
In order to avoid a new escalation, on Saturday at a stage the music around 0.30 clock was made a bit quieter – half an hour before the official end of the event. This was done in consultation with the police and the official service, said organizer Sören Uhle of the Freie Presse in Chemnitz. On all other stages the program was continued as usual.

"I am considering to legally defend against these false allegations. To report a break-up on the Internet is particularly damaging to the family Sunday," said Uhle. "Neither the police nor we as organizers had aborted the festival at any time."

 The police said: "It was mainly alcohol injuries committed bodily harm between different groups of people of different nationalities." Altogether the police registered 27 crimes by Sunday night, two more than in 2016.

The majority of the offenses (14) resulted in personal injury. There were also seven thefts, two threats, sexual harassment, damage to property, resistance to policemen, and a drought. Everything "at the previous year's level," the police reported. The police issued 107 space references. Eight people were temporarily taken into custody.


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