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Service: Federal Network Agency sees strong increase in O2 complaints

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

The complaints about the service quality of the hotline of the mobile radio operator O2 have increased considerably. This can be inferred from a letter from the President of the Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann, to the Consumer Policy spokesperson of the Green Bundestag Fraction, Nicole Maisch, who is in the Handelsblatt newspaper. It states that "the fact that the hotline has not been able to be reached has led to a significant increase in the number of queue complaints."

208 out of 317 complaints in 2017 were "exclusively on hold loops, which occurred within the framework of a corresponding contact with the O2 hotline," declared Homann. However, the use of the holding loops does not constitute a violation of the Telecommunications Act. "The O2 hotline was therefore not objectionable from the legal point of view," explained Homann.
The competences of his house had been exhausted, he said. However, his authority had nevertheless "contacted the company with a view to the great annoyance of the consumers and had acted on the closure of the state". The Commissioner is open to additional regulation in this field. A corresponding announcement by the Federal Government, "to examine a legislative need for action in the area of ​​the availability of hotlines, I support in this respect", Homann writes.
Service of O2: a "cheekiness"
The Green politician Maisch called it a "cheek" when the Telefónica nearly the service after the conclusion of the contract. "Long wait-loops or even telephonic impossibility of access are not possible. There has to be a quick remedy," said Maisch the Handelsblatt. It is a good thing that the federal government is thinking about a legislative need for action. This should have been done long ago.

A spokesman for Telefónica Germany told Golem.de on request: "As the largest mobile service provider in Germany, we have a high volume of inquiries since we have the largest customer base in the market with around 50 million customers across Germany have gradually improved over the course of the year, especially in the past weeks and months. The fact that this is a non-accessibility is incorrect. "
One would have to consider the individual service channels separately: With the hotline accessibility for the mobile customers the group again achieved average and branch-usual waiting times of a few minutes. Additional capacities have been built up in recent months. Improvements have also been achieved in the fixed network sector. However, it will still take until the end of the year until the operator has achieved his goal.
Service of O2 tried
O2 had its mobile phone hotline actually broken down in 2016 for months. A test call from Golem.de in October 2016 resulted in frequent breaks during the connection setup. When a connection to the call center came, the mediation system stated: "The average waiting time is 45 minutes."
A test call from Golem.de in March 2017 showed that the telephone service at O2 worked again. With only one minute waiting time, our questions about a mobile phone contract were answered extensively. However, customer service number 089 78 79 79 400 was still difficult to find and was no longer on the bill.


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