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Series 3: Beware When Importing the New Apple Watch

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

During the presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 3, Apple also presented the exclusive partner for the purchase of the LTE version of Smartwatch in Germany: the Telekom. The reason why the LTE watch will only be available there is relatively simple – only the Telekom can program eSIMs.

The new Apple Watch waived the use of SIM cards, since even a nano-SIM would have been too big for the new watch. Instead, an eSIM is used, so a firmly installed SIM card, as Apple already used it with the iPad Pro. The eSIM is programmed with the data of the provider and then functions as a conventional SIM card. Accordingly, it also has the same telephone number as the main contract.
Only the Telekom programs in Germany eSIMs
Since Vodafone and Telefónica do not offer this programming in Germany, Telekom is the only network provider to get the LTE version of the Apple Watch – the WLAN version will be available independently from a provider.
Who thinks that he can beat the local Appipulation Apples a snippet and the LTE Apple Watch from vacation in the US brings, however, is to be disappointed. On his homepage, Apple has a total of three LTE versions of the watch, as Computerbase has found out.

The watch sold in the USA is not compatible with the LTE frequencies in Germany, nor is the Chinese model. In the US model the tapes 3, 7, 8 and 20 are missing, with the Chinese model the tapes 7, 8 and 20. Correspondingly, these devices would have no or hardly any connection in Germany.
Multi-SIM is required for use
An additional multi-SIM is required for use with the Telekom. This is when the purchase of the Apple Watch at the Telekom in the first six months for free, then costs the card according to the terms of the contract, as the Telekom on an information page communicates. In the tariffs Magentamobil S, M and L costs a multi-SIM currently 5 euro per month. Telecom customers can activate the eSIM online, then the access profile is linked to the Apple Watch by a scan of the activation code.


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