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Sergio Perez: Force India no longer fits my driving style

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

25. August 2017 – 13:48

Sergio Perez gets pressure from Esteban Ocon at Force India


(cafetheology.org) – After Sergio Perez had a relatively clear grip on the team-internal duel at Force India Esteban Ocon at the beginning of the Formula 1 season 2017, the strength of the team has changed a bit. In the World Championship, the young Frenchman fought his team with an experienced team of up to eleven points. At the Ocon Grand Prix for the second time, Ocon was the fastest rider in qualifying. "I had to learn a lot at the start, but it was a race To the race in qualifying, I got closer and closer to him and beat him in Budapest, "the Frenchman says about his performance. Perez, on the other hand, does not believe that Ocon has become much stronger. Rather, it was no longer round with him. "I've beaten him in almost every qualifying and race, but lately I've had something to do with the car," says the Mexican, "the car has evolved over almost every race and is no longer quite my driving style, Explains Perez. "I tend to get a lot of speed on the corners, and that was a problem with the past races, and we've investigated this and came to the conclusion that I have to change my driving style in qualifying." Because with his current driving style, the fast roll into the corners led to strong downhill. "The rear is now really strong, and that makes for an understeer", Perez describes dic problems. The concern that the sheet in the teaminterne duel in the second half of the season could continue to his disadvantage, but Perez does not. "I'm not afraid of anyone," he says confidently. However, the Mexican should not be too sure, as from now on, Ocon can draw on the experience he had in the second half of the season in 2016. One year ago, the Frenchman had his first Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps and was all the others Race for Manor. "In the second half of the season, I will race for last season, so I want to beat him in the course of the season," the young Frenchman is also self-confident. Perez is far from surprised by the ever-stronger performance of his team-mate , "I expected him to go at this level because of his experience, he's not a real rookie, he's worked for Formula One teams before," he says. Ocon was initially a junior driver from Lotus (now Renault) and was subsequently taken by Mercedes under the wing. He had already tested for both teams before his Formula One debut at Manor. "Nowadays the rookies are really well prepared," says Perez. "When I entered Formula One, everything was completely new to me, because I was never in one (program)."


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