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Seehofer makes concessions at upper limit

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | World News

Bavaria's Prime Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) has caused confusion with statements on the upper limit for the influx of refugees. In an ARD interview, the party chairman made no effort to make the CSU's core requirement a condition for future coalition participation. Later, however, he emphasized that he was sticking to the upper limit.

In the ARD summer interview, moderators Tina Hassel and Thomas Baumann from Seehofer want to know whether the end of 2016 stipulates that the upper limit is a condition for signing a new coalition agreement after the Bundestag election. Seehofer replies: "Look, the fact that we have brought the upper limit into political discussion alone has decisively changed the policy in Berlin."

When the moderators are following up, Seehofer says: "No, no, politics is not so simple, the situation has changed, the course in Berlin has changed, we now have much less immigration than when I needed this quotation . " This year, the upper limit probably would not be reached. "I am satisfied with that."

  As soon as messages made the rounds, Seehofer left the upper limit, the CSU hastened to clarify: "No moving away from the upper limit, the 200,000 remain," wrote the party on Twitter.

Shortly before Christmas 2016, Seehofer told the German press agency: "There will be no government involvement of the CSU without an upper limit of 200,000 for the Federal Republic of Germany with the immigration." The background was the strong refugee situation in autumn 2015.

 However, the head of the CDU and Chancellor Angela Merkel strongly rejects a cap. It was not until the middle of July that she said – as in the ARD summer interview – "My upper position is clear: I do not accept it."

Seehofer guarantees "limit"
Seehofer had left the explicit demand for an upper limit in a coalition agreement more often, and warned the Union of a new dispute over the issue. The party chairman said that he had often seen that the CSU's proposals had only been rejected, and that they had nevertheless landed in the coalition agreement.

"We guarantee that this triangle will come: humanity, integration, limitation. If I say that, the" upper limit "is valid.

Satisfied with situation
According to Seehofer in the TV interview, the CSU will ensure that future achievements are secured for the future in a possible government formation after the Bundestag election. In its own election program for the Bundestag election, the "Bavarian Plan", the CSU calls for an upper limit of 200,000 new refugees per year.

It was now time to win an election, said Seehofer. A set of rules for the fight against causes of fleeces, integration and the limitation of immigration will be agreed. The CSU will guarantee "that the current situation will be maintained in the next few years, the low level of immigration, and that the year 2015 will not be repeated".

"The voter does not know what he gets"
SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz told the "Tagesspiegel": "For Horst Seehofer, politics is only tactics, he plays with themes and he plays with people." The SPD is fighting for "the CSU is no longer a member of the next federal government".

The Greens have made an upper limit explicitly the exclusion criterion for a coalition after the Bundestag elections. "The upper limit is and will remain unconstitutional," said Bundestagsfraktionsff Katrin Göring-Eckardt. "The Union is running the same game as 2013 with the toll. The voters do not know what they get: the upper limit with Seehofer or no upper limit, as Merkel has promised."

The Bavarian landeschooler Eike Hallitzky said: "With his tactical tossing, Seehofer once more tries to pull his head out of the noose."


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