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Sebastian Vettel warns: still open questions at Halo

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 12:31

Sebastian Vettel sees many open questions at Halo

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(cafetheology.org) – Sebastian Vettel has only once tested the "Halo" dashboard protection system on a Formula One car. In 2016, he completed the cockpit protection at the Formula 1 final in Abu Dhabi. The four-time world champion is generally one of the proponents of cockpit protection. Nevertheless, he is not yet fully convinced. FIA boss Jean Todt has fought the halo system, which has already been pushed onto the siding, for 2018, after the new cockpit protection "Shield" was broken out at Vettel. He always emphasized that a form of cockpit protection in the Formula 1 season 2018, the Ferrari pilot warns against weaknesses in the system. There are still more open questions than answers. "It's definitely different and you have to adjust to it. Maybe that's because I have not been driving so much," he laughs. "But there are scenarios that we have to go through, such as the pit stop … where the lights have to be placed in the box and on the track, these are things we have to balance." But the time is running out : In the Formula 1 season 2017 there are only six free trainings in which such questions can be tackled. Otherwise, drivers and FIA would have to rely on simulator and test driving. "I think it would be useful if we were able to prepare the track in a certain way during the winter tests so we can go through all these things," the Ferrari pilot suggests. He points to open questions regarding the positioning of several components: It is about mirrors and light signals on the track – they have to be higher or lower, I do not know, the starting points, because they can not see some drivers because of the Halo and so on … "Who is in the duty is, stands "It is up to the FIA ​​to gather the necessary information and make the right decisions." Only one thing is certain: the problems with Shield will not be repeated. Vettel had complained in Silverstone about distortions of the field of view and dizzy feelings. What has brought him some criticism, because fighter jet pilots with the same phenomenon seem to have no problems. Vettel says, "A jet pilot never looks into these extreme areas of the dome, where the" shield "for him is already his instruments, but we sit much deeper in the cockpit and therefore have to look through the extreme curvature biggest problem. "


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