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Sebastian Vettel: Subtle Critique of Lewis Hamilton Restart

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

31. August 2017 – 7:30 pm

Brings Lewis Hamilton to Restart?

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(cafetheology.org) – In Spa-Francorchamps, for the first time since the safety-car affair in Baku, a new edition of this situation has occurred: Lewis Hamilton gave the pace ahead of Sebastian Vettel. And the Ferrari driver is now quietly criticizing the behavior of his Mercedes rival. "I have already experienced some restarts, and everyone has a style," Vettel said at the FIA ​​press conference asking whether the restart at Spa showed whether Hamilton had learned from Baku. "I do not know what it was like in the past …" Force-India pilot Esteban Ocon is now speaking out. And criticizes Hamilton: "Pretty scary." The reaction of the World Cup Leaders? "I can understand that it was backstage like Go-and-Go." In general, he had drawn his teachings from Baku long. "I do not know if you see this, but he has the tendency to always make a little stop and go at the restart," Vettel describes the behavior of Hamilton at the restart. "I think it's a bit more difficult to get back, depending on how tight the field is, and the lesson that he has the tendency to go a bit like a stop-and-go, I've learned. "He himself did not think of Baku in the situation in Belgium, says Vettel. "I concentrated on the rest, because I had a chance, I wanted to make sure that I was staying, and took the opportunity, and there was not much to think about."


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