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Sebastian Vettel: Rikknen did not let me out

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

(cafetheology.org) – In round three came the two-team competition of the Ferrari drivers. But instead of sidelining Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Rikknen stopped in the variant della Roggia at first, then caught an unfavorable line and had to let the team colleague move on the first Lesmo curve. "You've seen the fight," Vettel says after the race. "I would not say that he has gone past me, but I did not expect that." Vettel has been exposed to the accusation that Rikknen is only running on Ferrari's behalf at the mercy of his team-mate. Already at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Finn had behind him made the wall to block the Mercedes, while Vettel fought ahead with technical problems. And in Monaco, Ferrari had to be accused of having accused the Rikknen of the early stages of the race with an unfortunate strategy behind Vettel, so that the World Championship leader won the race.Umso surprising that rikknen, who end up having problems with the driving behavior of his Boliden only fifth, showed in the World Cup final sprint a counter-defense, because many would have thought that he would simply place. However, not Vettel himself. "We are both fighting for the best result," explains the Ferrari driver, who was pushed out of the world championship for the first time this season in Monza. "And if you run in the same car, then it is in the nature of the matter that you fight for the same piece of track." And Vettel must claim according to his own data against his team colleagues as against every other. Much more important, however, is that he pulls internally with one rikknen internally and the chemistry agrees. "Kimi is known for not talking much, but he talks a lot in the team," he describes his team colleague. "We get along very well, his feedback is valuable, and the team is not stressed," says Vettel, why he finds the contract delay for Rikknen correct. "That's good for the team." During the World Championship second, his Ferrari contract lasted until 2020, Rikknen continued as usual for the coming season.


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