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Sebastian Vettel: Mysterious Monza problem cleared

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Sports

September 14, 2017 – 16:47
Sebastian Vettel flew off at Monza for some reason, now Ferrari wants to find the problem – mystery around the cause

Ferrari has found the problem for Sebastian Vettel's departure

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(cafetheology.org) – Ferrari has found the mysterious problem that led to the departure of Sebastian Vettel in Monza. At that time, the Scuderia pilot in the 40th round had suddenly ignored the TV cameras from the track and had to leave a chicane. "I had braked for the first corner, and then it 'krack' made – and then suddenly the steering left a bit down," the German had explained two weeks ago. But this was not Vettel's first problem with the steering : The four-time world champion, with a steepening steering, had already made his way to the finish at the Grand Prix of Hungary. At that time, however, the problem should have existed before the start. Vettel was already aware of the fact that the leverage was a bit off the mark, and the problem worsened with time. Vettel emphasized that both of these are not related: "We have found what it is other than in Hungary, "he says. Does Ferrari therefore have a general problem with its steering and must worry about Singapore? "We should not be a problem here," the Ferrari driver reassures his fans. However, Vettel did not want to betray him, which led to the departure, pointing to Ferrari's communications manager, Alberto Antonini. "Otherwise, I'll get you on the top," he laughs. For an exact answer, fans have to be patient.



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