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Scotland Yard Makes "Hunt for Suspects"

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | World News

After the attack on the London Underground, the search for the perpetrators on high tours. The government called for the highest level of terror warning.

"It's going to be" hunting for suspects, "said Scotland's counter-terrorist chief, Mark Rowley. "Our investigations are proceeding at great speed." Rowley did not want to mention details of the suspects or explosives for reasons of investigation.

Police evaluate camera shots
In the explosion of a self-constructed bomb in a fully occupied subway near Parsons Green stop, at least 29 people were injured on Friday. According to a report from the "Guardian", video recordings from surveillance cameras have already been analyzed, which show how the bombshell with the explosive set enters the subway.

  The British government tightened the security precautions in the country after the attack. Soldiers were used to guard important facilities, military patrols provided additional protection. In Great Britain, the highest level of terrorist warning is now the way Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Friday night on BBC television. Warning level five means that the British authorities consider an imminent terrorist attack possible.

IS claims a stop for itself
The IS-Terrormiliz complained about the attack. A fighter of the Islamic state had carried out the offense, reported the Amak Amak on the Internet on Friday. In another message, it was said that "soldiers of the caliphate" had succeeded in placing several spears, one of which met 30 people. The worst was still happening, however, according to the usual channels, which the IS had already complained about in the past.

 The bomb in London exploded around 8:20 am in the middle of the morning traffic. Parsons Green Station is located in the western center of the metropolis, close to the football stadium FC Chelsea. Eyewitnesses reported a loud bang and a "fire wall" or a "fireball" in the orbit.

Fifth stop this year
This is the fifth time this year that Britain has become the target of an attack. In four previous attacks in London and Manchester this year, a total of 36 people had been killed, three of the attacks fell into the hands of Islamists.

The most recent terrorist warning was last seen in May after a bombattack on the visitors of a concert in Manchester. There 22 people had been killed.

In March, an assassin on London's Westminster Bridge was targeted with a car in a pedestrian, before he crashed a policeman on the grounds of Parliament. Five people died. Eight people were killed in an attack on the London nightlife Borough Market and the London Bridge. A man died in an attack on mosque visitors in London in late June.


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