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Schulz scores with Comrade, Merkel loses with AfD supporters

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | World News

How did the TV duel change your opinion about Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz? This question asked cafetheology.org to the audience. Not much is the result of two representative surveys.

From the point of view of Martin Schulz the TV duel could have been worse. 34.5 percent of the participants in both polls on behalf of cafetheology.org see the SPD's chancellor candidates more positively than before.

Angela Merkel has therefore only increased to 23.9 per cent of the survey participants, while the Chancellor's opinion was not changed for 51.3 per cent.

 In the case of survey participants who are already sympathetic to the SPD, Schulz 'sympathy figures have risen further after his TV appearance: 79.3 percent of the SPD supporters see Schulz after the TV duel more positively than before. On the other hand, only 7.8 per cent of CSU supporters were involved.

In the meantime, Angela Merkel's sympathizers for the AfD are much worse. 48.8 percent of respondents surveyed had a worse opinion from the Chancellor after the show. Perhaps this was due to their statements on refugees.

Men and women were largely in agreement with Merkel and Schulz. 15.9 percent of the men saw the Federal Chancellor "rather positive" after the TV duel, with the women being 16 percent. Martin Schulz achieved similar values: 22.8 percent among men and 20.6 percent among women.

Editor's note:

cafetheology.org cooperates with the survey institute Civey for representative surveys. Anyone can vote, but only the votes of registered users are taken into account. If you register, contribute to better results. You can find all information about the methodology here.

The survey is an ongoing survey. Results are updated in real-time and can differ from those in the widget, depending on the time difference.


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