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Schulz calls Merkel to second TV duel

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | World News

Is there the revenge? Martin Schulz writes a letter to Angela Merkel and challenges her to a new duel in front of the TV audience.

In exchange with Chancellor Merkel on 3 September, many points that the citizens moved were not addressed at all: "That is why I wrote to Merkel today and asked you to make a next duel with me, so that all these points can also be discussed, "said Schulz in the ZDF broadcast" Klartext ", under the applause of the studiopublikums.

As the "Bild" newspaper quotes from the letter from the SPD chancellor candidate to the chancellor, Schulz argues that the topics of digitization, pension and education were too short in the TV duel. "You have also criticized the very limited selection of topics, and I absolutely agree with you that important issues of our country were not raised."

In addition, Schulz writes: "The citizens deserve a comprehensive debate on the central issues of our country, which is why I call for a second TV duel before the Bundestag elections. Also the TV stations ARD, ZDF, RTL and SAT.1 had wanted more than one duel. Merkel declined.


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