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Schulz 'biggest mistake in the TV duel

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | World News

Both are tense. At least in the beginning. Angela Merkel breathes deeply, she tries to smile, but presses her lips together. Martin Schulz has already anticipated his final word. In the end Schulz lost the TV duel. Surveys from ARD and ZDF see Merkel clearly ahead. What did Schulz do wrong?

It was probably the last chance for Martin Schulz in the election campaign clearly ground on Angela Merkel. He is not successful, the chancellor emerged as the winner of the duel. Schulz has made a few mistakes, and Richard Schütze, a policy and communications consultant, is certain: "Schulz made the mistake of coming to Merkel with his eyes, but the question now arises: Why do not I choose the original?"

Merkel operates a comprehensive de-escalation strategy
Merkel, on the other hand, remained faithful to the TV duel. She argued in detail, defending herself against tipped positions, "just because we think in the election campaign, we have to surpass us." Was she the "all-inclusive chancellor" of arbitrariness? Schütze says: "Mrs. Merkel has kept her weighed line and has pursued a de-escalation strategy. She has not been provoked and does not accept Schulz's feud glove."

The Social Democrat – light blue suit with blue tie – calls for a "clear edge" and applies it. He called for the immediate stopping of the EU accession negotiations because this is the only language understood by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This was an attempt, according to Schütze, "to be emotionalized with slogans such as 'now is concluding' and 'in Turkey a counter-putsch is taking place', but these slogans have not really drawn."

 Merkel, who has never been a candidate for Turkey's accession to the European Union, warns to be prudent. This could not be Germany alone, but the entire EU must decide. Furthermore, on Friday, Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) had expressed her opinion – so she puts her finger in the wound, who has the say with the comrades?

"Irony does not work in the debate"
In the meantime Schulz Merkel pledges that there will be no pension at 70. "Mrs. Merkel à la bonheur," he cries, holding the CDU's head indirectly to lie. Four years ago, she had also denied the toll and then she had been resolved. Schulz made a rhetorical mistake here, and Sagittarius is certain that "these discussions can not come with a background of humor, irony does not work in the debate."

Martin Schulz could not score a decisive point in the TV duel with Angela Merkel. (Source: dpa)

Once Schulz loses the thread. Does Islam belong to Germany? He is looking for words. In order to save himself, he says a quotation, which he actually wanted to cancel for his final speech, as he squeezes out. "Beyond right or wrong, there is a place where we meet," Schulz quoted a Shiite philosopher. One must not arrest a whole religion for the terrorist acts of a small minority.

Social justice becomes a "pipe crepator" for Schulz
About 45 minutes – half of the debate – was talked about foreign policy. Schulz, however, has no office at all except the party chair. Schütze says: "Hardly a German election campaign has been so dominated by foreign policy." Schulz's strength, however, is another such as Sagittarius: "His topic is social justice, and that is the point of only a few minutes in the debate. Schütze goes even further: "The whole subject of social justice was the pipe-gun for Schulz. Merkel always had to say: Thank you, we can do that already."

Political and communications consultant Richard Schütze. (Source: Richard Schütze)

For the famous last words to the audience, he has a minute. In 60 seconds, a nurse earns less than 40 cents, but a manager costs 30 euros. Schulz tries once again to score points in his core theme of social justice. Much is in motion. Germany needs the courage to move. One had to shape the future and not manage the past, a blow against the permanent chancellor. "I ask you for confidence," says Schulz, there are 60 seconds already around.

"Mutti does that already"
Merkel spoke with her faithful eye-catcher four years ago her now legendary sentence "You know me" into the camera. This time she says she wants to work for and with the citizens together. Then, since the refugee crisis, you have come to the infamous "We-create-the-sentence": "I believe we can create this together." And then: "I wish you a nice evening." In the end, she finishes the directing and ends the duel before the moderators. A smart move by Merkel says to Schütze: "She says, Good night, you can go to sleep, Mutti does it already."


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