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Schulz accuses Merkel in the election campaign, offensive behavior

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | World News

Martin Schulz has accused Chancellor Angela Merkel because of the election campaign of her party detached behavior. The SPD chancellor candidate continues to be optimistic and is focusing on the undecided voters.

Merkel used the Bundeswehr's preparedness to be ready for a "mocking prize" at the election campaign, said Schulz on Sunday in the ARD summer interview with a view to a corresponding "Spiegel" report. Their Chancellor Peter Altmaier (CDU), in addition to his government task, also led the election campaign at the Konrad-Adenauer-Haus.

These are points where people "feel that Angela Merkel is caught", said Schulz. More and more people felt "a sort of withdrawal" from the chancellor. The head of the SPD drew a comparison to the end of the term of office of the former Chancellor Helmut Kohl, marked by "agony" in the 90s. "I want to spare Germany," he said.

Schulz spoke out against a concrete end date for the internal combustion engine. "I do not think it makes any sense to talk about any data at all." The internal combustion engine will be "very, very long". Therefore, it would also make sense to invest in the optimization of diesel technology. At the same time, however, electromobility had to be pushed forward.

The SPD chancellor candidate once again made it clear that driving bans on diesel cars in German city centers had to be avoided. If hardware upgrades were necessary to reduce the pollutant emissions, they would have to be made. "If necessary, the state must legally force the automobile companies to pay these costs," he said.

 "I'm going to the undefeated"
In spite of a clear demand by the SPD for Merkel's union, Schulz showed himself optimistic four weeks before the Bundestag elections. The polls showed that almost every second voter was still undecided, he said. "I'm going to the undefeated." If he got it, he could win the Bundestag election on September 24th.

Merkel immediately rejects accusations
Merkel immediately rejected Schulz's accusations. She said that she was trying to "do justice to her own ministry – to serve the well-being of the German people," said Merkel in the ZDF broadcast "Berlin direkt". "And that means to serve the people of the land." She likes to do her job. That is why it goes without saying that it is in competition with the SPD boss. She imagines the people in the election campaign, they would then have to make their decision on September 24th.


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