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Scholz compares Sahra Wagenknecht with Trump

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | World News

At Annewill, SPD and the left have been fought together on the subject of social justice. The CDU was able to lean back in the evening. But only seemingly.

The guests

Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke), Chairman of the BundestagMaurike Maaßen, saleswoman and former member of the SPDKatja Lorenz, single-personers in search for accommodationArmin Laschet (CDU), NRW Minister PresidentOlaf Scholz (SPD), First Mayor of Hamburg

The theme, the fronts

 Wills Plan: Wagenknecht and Scholz explain what social justice is. For in the camp to the left of the middle, at least one thing would have to be agreed. Laschet would have served as a counter-pole, praising the economic boom of Germany, and posing the sozis as a bully. However, the roles were not so clearly distributed. Scholz did not want to accept the black Peter. After all, the SPD was decisively responsible for the German success in the government. Somehow, the discussion did not matter to him, in which the SPD could sharpen its social profile as a delimitation in the Grand Coalition. Will began to anticipate that 40 per cent in the lower wage segments would have suffered long-term pay losses. A number that Scholz also knew.

Fact of the evening

Wagenknecht gladly took this into account in his argument that only the elites benefited from the upturn. Will opposed two other studies. The Institute of the German Economy had calculated that only 8 per cent of Germans were dissatisfied. The University of Leipzig has discovered that as few as ever since the reunion, social descent feared. Wagenknecht preferred to rely on the 40 percent. She was convinced that the "population has experienced real descent." The SPD does not want to change anything in principle. The CDU's reference to falling unemployment was limp because false figures were being compared. Part-time jobs, mini-jobs, temporary work have shaped the current labor market.

Excitement of the evening

The talk-fire was not kindled at Laschet, but in the red interior. Scholz did not want to shy away from horses, only to say quieter that part does not benefit from the economic success. One had to get away from the parteipolitic search for baddies. Conspiracy theorists such as Trump in the USA and Wagenknecht in Germany made life difficult for a sensible policy. Their theory was that "it was someone who had decided politically."

The left flipped down the jaw. When she then marked the great low-wage sector in Germany as the cleverness of the political decision-makers with the "wage-drivers", Scholz again drew the conspiracy theory card. That is a Mar. No one had introduced this sector politically. The SPD is doing social policy. The assertion of the opposite disrupts "political peace". The agenda of the left makes it impossible to reach a reasonable position. On the other hand, "permanent denunciations" of the SPD as non-social-democratic. Thus the conditions of temporary workers were improved and the pension polished. Scholz and Wagenknecht left no doubt of mutual political contempt.

Will Moment

Will had an ace in his sleeve: the ex-SPD voter, who had met Martin Schulz in January. At that time, he had asked for a trust advance. There was no such thing as a trade unionist. The Agenda 2010 had to be rolled back. Scholz had to fight as an SPD man. With key words such as minimum wage. Maaßen, on the other hand, maintained that the collective agreements were not applicable in NRW. They did not come to a name. Maaßen is now at the left.

And what else?

If anyone could look at the red-red slaughter, then Laschet. Since only the dish peanuts for the NRW country father was missing. The topic of social justice did not seem to be able to occupy either Wagenknecht or Scholz in the evening. Above all, he did not have to counter the direct electoral vote, as Scholz had been charged with the SPD in conversation with Maaßen. Nope!

In the end, he got caught by Will. When Lorenz vividly predicted that 50 euros more rent for her Berlin apartment would dump her the financial water. "Do you have anything on offer?" Will asked the CDU man. Of course, his broker qualities were not in demand. Rather, his theses such as building regulations and more living space create. How would provisions in the coalition agreement with the NRW-FDP fit into tenancy law, Will appealed. Nevertheless, regulations for the protection of tenants should be abolished, the rent brake should be covered.

Laschet was only able to repeat his credo of bureaucracy reduction in order to make investments in housing construction worthwhile. "Does that help?" Will Lorenz asked. "Not really," she replied. This would only be social housing. Will then took over the real estate agent. If someone had an apartment for Lorenz, he should report.


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