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Sandro Cortese beats the rain: sixth place in Misano

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 13:48

With the sixth place, Sandro Cortese (11) conquered his best season result

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(cafetheology.org) – Sandro Cortese kept his nerves in the rainy Grand Prix of San Marino and was rewarded with the sixth place and thus his best season result. "It was a very difficult race today, and my ultimate goal was to stay on the bike and the bill was also up," the German comments the Regenschlacht. Already in the warm-up in the morning, he showed with a seventh place that he was well in the tricky wet conditions. On the start in the race over 26 laps, the 27-year-old lost a few places, but then picked up with increasingly fast lap times to the front and led an exciting two-man fight with Fabio Quartararo. "I was a bit hard at first, because I had a bad response on the bike, so I could not get so clean," explained the super-pilot. While a lot of riders were rushing, counted mainly to sit remain and reach the goal. Cortese managed to do this with flying colors, even though his Suter would have dropped him by highs. "In general it was a great race, I remained calm, because today we had to go to the finish line, it was our best season result and it was time." With the sixth place Sandro finally sacked a few points and can look with strengthened self-confidence towards Aragon.After the many setbacks last, there was again a gratifying result. There is a lot of praise from Teammanager Jürgen Lingg: "I had a lot of confidence in Sandro and I was sure that if he got through, he would have a good result. He drove a clever race but unfortunately he is in the first lap And I'm looking forward to the next season, and I'm just looking forward to Sandro! "The second driver from Intact GP came less well over the rounds. Alex de Angelis, who represented the injured Marcel Schrötter, first destroyed his windshield after a near fall. Then he crashed later in the attempt to catch up with Stefano Manzi, but could continue. After all, he was even twelfth. "You really have to say that Alex was a great help for us and the technology this weekend," says Lingg. "He gave us very important information that we can safely use."


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