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Samsung puts the market with smart watches and fitness tapes after

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

Samsung continues to focus on the still small market of the Smartwatches – and puts fitness applications in the foreground. At the IFA in Berlin, the company will be showing two new models with extensive functional scope with "GearSport" and the slimmer Tracker "GearFit2 Pro". The devices are equipped with a variety of functions such as step and calorie counters and offer individual fitness programs. The GearFit2 Pro also supports the offline mode of the music streaming service Spotify, with which you can play without network music on the move.

          As a minimalistic music source and jogging coach, Samsung also announced a new model of its Bluetooth Earphone "Gear IconX", which can be controlled by finger pressure as well as via voice and a longer battery runtime. The two Samsung Wearables are waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. With the help of an app in cooperation with the sports equipment supplier Speedo, you can also measure your own float sequences in detail. The GearFit2 Pro will be available in the middle of September for 229 euros. The GearXX (229 EUR) headset and Gear (349 EUR) will bring Samsung to the stores in late October. The Wearable market is currently dominated by the Apple Watch, after Fitbit had slowed considerably. The digital association Bitkom is forecasting a further upswing for this equipment group. The sales of computer clocks alone will increase by 27 percent this year. As a result, sales rose by 44 percent to around 325 million euros. In the meantime, especially fitness and health apps have been the focus of the applications. At the IFA, which will be officially opened for all visitors next Friday, Samsung will focus on the still young device category of wearables. The presentation of his current smartphone flagship, the Galaxy Note 8, the company probably deliberately placed a week before the IFA. A year ago, the South Korean company had to stop the market launch of the predecessor Note 7 in the IFA in Germany. Worldwide, the device was finally withdrawn because of fire danger of the batteries from the market. dpa





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