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Samsung is working on technology for self-propelled cars

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

Smartphone world market leader Samsung is also developing technology for robot cars and wants to offer it to car manufacturers. "We have been working on it for several years now," said the strategy manager of Samsung Electronics, Young Sohn, at the IAA in Frankfurt. "Samsung is very serious with the autonomous driving," he emphasized.

          The electronics giant thus joins a number of different suppliers, who bring their technology into cars from different manufacturers. In addition to classic industry suppliers, this includes the sister company Waymo, as well as start-ups such as Aurora and Drive.ai. Also the Samsung archrival Apple and the service agent Uber work on technology to the autonomous driving. Samsung wants to get the place in the vehicles among other things with the wide range of its offer, the Samsung manager said. These included processors, communications, display, batteries, as well as the experience of operating and networking technology on the Internet of things. "We have various elements that together result in the most comprehensive offer for manufacturers." Samsung has invested a lot in IT – "now we see that these investments can also be applied in the car sector." With the takeover of the hifi specialist and car supplier Harman, the Group now also had a direct link to the manufacturers.
      "We are not interested in building a car. It's all about developing technology. "
      Young son
    Recently, it was already known that Samsung got permission to test drive cars not only in South Korea, but also in California. "We're not interested in building a car, it's just a matter of developing technology," Young Sohn emphasized. He did not specify a period for market readiness. "I'm not one of those people who say we're on the road in four years, maybe we can present a demonstration." But between a demo and real life is often a long way.Samsung also announced on the IAA on Thursday a 300 million dollar fund for investment in start-ups among other things with hardware solutions for autonomous vehicles. "It's a chance to turn a whole industry like it's every 100 years," Young Sohn said. dpa





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