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Sagrada Família evacuated for anti-terrorism

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | World News

Just four weeks after the terrorist attacks in Spain, the world-famous basilica Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was evacuated in the course of an anti-terrorist action. But it was a false alarm.

In a suspicious van near the famous cathedral no explosives had been found, the police said.

In addition to hundreds of visitors to the church, employees and customers from nearby shops were sent to safety in the evening, the police told the Spanish metropolis. In the course of the action, around 8.30 pm vehicles were searched, among other vehicles and several streets and subway stations blocked.

The terrorist attacks on 17 August in Barcelona and the nearby Cambrils killed 16 people, including one German. Since the assassination attempts have been intensified the preventive anti-terrorist actions, the Catalan police informed.


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