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Ryanair does not want to offer Air Berlin | News

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Economy

O'Leary reiterated his allegations that Lufthansa would be preferred and that the government, Lufthansa and Air Berlin would be subject to the competition rules in Germany and the EU by an "obvious plot".
If it were a transparent procedure, Ryanair would make an offer. "We do not interfere in this procedure, because it is an interrupted game."
Ryanair on Wednesday asked the German cartel office and the EU competition authority to investigate this "artificially generated insolvency". The date of the insolvency of Air Berlin in mid-August had been chosen to exert pressure on politics before the Bundestag election.
Air Berlin wants to collect offers from investors by 15 September. From the company's environment it was said: "Ryanair does not belong to the circle of interested parties for Air Berlin, which have not yet been reported." O'Leary said he had no contact with Air Berlin, the administrator, or the German government.


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