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Rossi achieves his goal: 190th podium at the jubilee race

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

27. August 2017 – 20:06

Rossi celebrates his third place and his 300th MotoGP race at Silverstone

© Michelin

(cafetheology.org) – His 300th MotoGP race crowns Valentino Rossi with his 190th podium finish. After the qualifying, he finished third in Silverstone, on Sunday he took a long time at the top to finish third behind Andrea Dovizioso and Maverick Vinales. The "doctor" drops a correspondingly positive conclusion after the race weekend, but he also knows what he has to work on in particular. (To the Silverstone result!) "I am happy because it was a very good race, I had a good start and could drive the whole race over well and get the maximum." From Yamaha's runner-up, the Yamaha driver stormed to the top to settle there in the meantime over a second. His 90th MotoGP victory almost seemed to be within reach. "I enjoyed it and had a good pace." However, the anxiety on the forehead of the 38-year-old grew as the race progressed. "Five laps before the race, I thought I could go on, but I had to slow down, Dovi and Maverick grabbed me." In round 18 of 20 he had to give the lead finally. "It was a bit frustrating because I was not strong enough to fight with them." He emphasizes, "We still have to work on our performance in the last few laps, but we have understood this and that one weekend "Hopefully we can be quick to the end of the championship too." Rossi, in contrast to team colleague Vinales, started with the hard rear tire, the Spaniard used the soft. "After all I had this weekend, all three tire blends were quite similar. It depended a lot on the driver, the weight and the driving style."

Rossi was able to win against Dovizioso & Vinales

© Michelin

How would the race have gone, would Rossi have started on the soft Pneu? "It's impossible to know, but I think it would have been harder for me on the soft tire." He speaks of the fact that the behavior of the Michelin rubbers this season is particularly peculiar. "I think Michelin does not know exactly why this is so," he smirked. "The petrol management here at Silverstone is particularly critical," he says. "We are also a bit of a problem at the end of the race To the limit, but that did not present a problem. " Even his physical condition did not lead to a sudden drop, as he emphasized again. Rossi: "As long as I still have the speed, I will continue" The bike was less strenuous to drive than last in Austria. "When Maverick overtook me, I tried everything in the last two laps, two or three times I went to a turn and did not know if I could slow down in time, but unfortunately it was not enough, but I still felt good" , He confirms. Yamaha helped the privates in Misano a few days ago. There the team worked on the electronics and the acceleration, "to save the tire longer," explains the "doctor". "It was not a big step, it 's more about tuning "The bike is good and the tire works well," he summarizes the previous season of Yamaha.


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