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Ross Brawn exclusive: I want to make the Formula 1 better!

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

Question: "There is a suggestion on our list, which was only mentioned once, admittedly not by a reader but by myself Back to the car race in Paris-Bercy in 1993, when Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost have competed against each other, the TV show has fascinated hundreds of thousands of fans and is still remembered by many fans "Brawn:" We're just looking at what event we could be doing, which would be commercially neutral so all drivers could participate. "" There was The BMW Procar series, we are just wondering how we can involve the drivers more strongly, because our goal is to make the riders even bigger heroes than they already are E if we could integrate them into other activities, it would be very attractive for the fans and also for us. So look at what we can do there. "On the tracks of Paris-Bercy: Vanities are in the road Question:" During the race weekends? "Brawn:" Yes, during the race weekends. It's tough. Finding a car that is neutral and at the same time having the commitment of the teams is not easy. "Question:" Do you have to build the car personally without manufacturer support? "Brawn:" We are pulling all these initiatives in (Laughs), with a new look at the big picture of what to do with the drivers and what is not. And we plan more activities off the track with the drivers. We'll give the fans the opportunity to meet the riders off the track. "" We can not get back to the aspirated engine. "Ross BrawnFrage:" We'll skip the engine theme. The V12 wants many fans back, but this is being discussed publicly anyway. "Brawn:" But the engine is an interesting topic, I think. Here, too, the fans express their proposals. Most say they want back suction engines. I think we need to analyze why they want that. Then there is perhaps a middle way, which on the one hand is attractive for the manufacturers, but at the same time the fans are also satisfied. "" Let's take the sound. Many fans say the old engines were fantastic, much louder. I consider this a valid point. So for the new engine format, we are taking the list that the sound needs to be much louder and more passionate. The current engines recover energy from the waste heat at low speed, which means that the sound from the turbines is very controlled, because the energy is reused. All this works against loud engines. "" We say: In the future we do not want that. We can stay with the turbo, but we have to eliminate the factors that make the sound of the turbo engine. We can not return to the suction motor. But we understand that the sound is very important for the fans, and we can try to restore it. "Brawn says," Soundgenerator is not an issue! "But that must happen authentically, right? A sound generator would not be a good idea. "Brawn:" Absolutely. It must be authentic. "Question:" A proposal that came very often: Prohibit DRS! What I find interesting, because on the one hand the fans want more berholmanver, but on the other hand today's berholmanver are probably too much for fans. "Brawn:" I agree. We currently do not have a better solution. DRS is a compromise. We have it now, and we should look for a better solution. Actually, the goal should be that the cars can get out of the wind shadow again. "

Formula 1 aerodynamics has now become a highly complex subject

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"For me, the solution is to design cars in such a way that they can get close again." The project is already underway, and a current Formula 1 car is totally optimized to drive freely With CFDs, this happens in isolation, without other cars, and when another car is added, the car does not work as well as we can, because the cars are able to follow each other and evaluate what design is needed. " "If we can do that, we can eliminate DRS, maybe we need other solutions, but DRS is too artificial, the fans want to see great berholmanver, not a driver who pushes a button and passes by." Wre, wing and diffuser, but you also say that aerodynamics is an important part of Formula 1. "Brawn:" That's right, I think that this area could be very interesting for the fans Ynamik as an interesting feature of a Formula One car. "" The performance of these cars – almost all modern racing cars – comes mainly from aerodynamics. Aerodynamic phenomena are used in practically every racing series. It's a bit naive to think that we can just get rid of the aerodynamics and weighed big tires and the racing is good again. "Brawn warns against slow-running Formula One cars" The cars are much slower. I do not believe that is necessary. I just think we need an aerodynamic design that allows for a tighter approach. There are some racing series, which are aerodynamically strong, but still allow tight racing. We also want to achieve that in Formula 1. "" I also find that we can do aerodynamics and bodywork in the sporting field. For example, the aerodynamics of aerodynamics nowadays are changing almost from race to race. Why do not we allow a maximum of an update in every third or fourth race, which you can tell the fans exactly, so they can also see exactly what was done? Currently, everything is top secret. But an update every fourth race, which is followed by a video, would be an upgrade. "" I am against the grain that a driver's race is affected by a technical problem. "Ross BrawnFrage:" The NASCAR makes Such videos yes synonymous. Sometimes even during the races. And theoretically this would even be a new possibility for penalties. Instead of a grid penalties there's just a late update. "Brawn:" Right! I also find it exciting that you address the grid penalties. I do not like these penalties. I am against the grain that a driver's race is influenced by a technical problem. "" Clearly, one can also argue that a defect in the race also affects the race and the driver can not do anything about it. But the fans understand that. What they do not understand is that their hero is in the last place because he had to change the engine. This is not good for the sport. We must find a solution, either by a new form of punishment, or by a complete abolition of punishment. Then you just have to live with the components being replaced. "" We are in contact with the FIA ​​in this regard, if there is not a better solution. We hope that this will be the case at the latest with the new engine format and the new regulations. Perhaps we can make it even earlier. Because the downsets are currently an extremely unpopular factor in Formula 1. "Question:" You are not a fan of fast solutions. But a quick solution would not punish the driver, but the team. "Brawn:" This is one of the suggestions that lie on the table. "Penalties: Why not an update ban instead of retirement? Question:" Because the teams are financially involved when it comes to the World Cup, Placement goes, can hurt very much. "Brawn:" Exactly. And there are even more discreet punishments. You mentioned earlier the updates. We had the token system with the engines. I found it not so bad. It was a bit complicated. But then you might have to block the use of such tokens for a while. The grid penalties are very unpopular, and we should look for a better approach. "Question:" Liberty has indicated that there should be iconic races, both in big metropolises and on classic racetracks. And what race track would be more classic than the Nordschleife? It is clear to me that this is an incomprehensibly challenging project in terms of security and costs. But it would also create a gigantic hype. "Brawn:" That would be fantastic! "" The North Loop is one of the world's cult tracks. "Ross Brawn" TV-side could be achieved – simply Because it would be such a spectacle! I do not know the answer but because I did not deal with the topic. To bring the course to the safety standards required for the Formula 1 would be worth thinking (perhaps it would be worth it). Perhaps it would be worth the trouble to let this go through our heads. The North Loop is one of the world's cult tracks. "Question:" Has the topic ever been addressed – or do not you just want to answer with a no to be polite? "Brawn:" No! It has never been mentioned. I am hearing this proposal for the first time. Well done! "Question:" I will ask for a commission, if it comes so far. Other theme: Liberty is very dependent on what the TV stations from the product Formula 1 make. In Great Britain, for example, Sky is setting new standards. Elsewhere, this is not so. But you have no influence on it. Is that a subject you're dealing with? "Brawn:" Yes. Especially with regard to TV stations that do not have the same capacity as Sky. We're providing the content, and we're just thinking about offering more content just for smaller TV stations. "" Perhaps we should produce more deep material for certain TV stations. This is the point. It would be good for the Formula 1. Because ultimately we are judged by what the fans see on the TV. In smaller countries that have only one studio at home and no reporters on the line, we could provide much more content and material than now. Next year, we'll see some changes. "Liberty: Who else, if not we?" "We're coming slowly to the end. Would you like to tell our readers something? "Brawn:" I think we are in the midst of an evolutionary process. For me there are three main aspects in racing: there are the teams with their priorities and goals. There are the FIA ​​with its priorities and goals, namely to regulate the sport fair. And there is the proprietor of commercial rights, which has so far been very limited to the marketing of rights, and has not entered the development of sport. "" We can not expect the teams to be concerned about this and the main task of the FIA Is to shape the rules and to ensure safety – even though it has an honest interest in the well-being of Formula One. So it must be our task to make the Formula 1 as interesting and attractive as possible for the fans. And that's exactly what we're trying to do. "

New and unconventional ways: Ross Brawn at the Team Regatta in Montreal

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"We are collecting all the information so that we can get a clear picture of what we have to do, and everyone knows that cars have to admit better racing, and everyone knows that the cost must be controlled "We also want to make sure that the teams are doing more money, because the competition will be more exciting." "What we are trying to understand are the so-called micro-demos, such as: Do the fans want fuel stops again? "" My message is that there is now an organization that is devoted every day to the question of how Formula One could be improved. "In the next few years, we will see how the Formula 1 is going to be better in all these areas, and it will also please the fans." Question: "Mr Brawn, thank you very much The conversation! "


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