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Romain Grosjean laments: too few winning cars in the Formula 1

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

25. August 2017 – 14:50

Romain Grosjean wants more variety on the winner's podium

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(cafetheology.org) – In addition to Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean will have made secret hopes of a Ferrari cockpit in the Formula 1 season 2018. Unlike the Mexicans, it was already clear for the double citizen that it would be nothing. He did not have to wait for the contract extension of Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari – that Romain Grosjean would remain with Haas also in the coming year, was already announced in the run-up to the Hungarian Grand Prix 2017. Grosjean is expected to spend another year in the midfield. So slowly he runs out of time; after all, he is no longer the youngest at the age of 31. His idea: Instead of looking for a cockpit in a top team, there should be more victorious cars. "There are a lot of ideas, we want as many cars as possible to win a Grand Prix, or at least to land on the podium," he says "A few small changes" could be achieved in the future. "In the MotoGP (to our motorbike area!), Yamaha has an official team and then another team that won the race with Tech 3. They are a B team, but they can join in the front. "Some may claim that this is already the case, because Haas is in a technical partnership with Ferrari. "We have their engine and some parts, but we build our own chassis, our own cooling system, our own aerodynamics and have our own engineers." Grosjean said, "The rules are not the same. Grosjean is therefore active for customer cars. These are discussed again and again in the Formula 1, but so far the competition idea has dominated the fact that every team has to build their own car. So it is only up to him to make the leap into a top team. "At the moment, there are four cockpits where you can win a race," he says. "Of course you want such a place, but sometimes you have to wait until you get what you want." "As a result, Perez is unimpressed by the Ferrari's 2011 Grand Prix," his relationship with Seb (astian Vettel) is pretty good, and they are fighting for the World Cup Once constancy and only slowly make changes. " The dream will continue to live.


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