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Robert Kubica: Today a better driver than before the accident

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017 | Sports

15. August 2017 – 11:29

Robert Kubica is a Formula One comeback as never before

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(cafetheology.org) – 2,369 days are between February 6, 2011 and August 2, 2017. 2,369 days, when Robert Kubica had only one goal in his head: the return to Formula 1. With his successful test in the Renault RS17 in Budapest, where the pole, despite its physical limitations, drove more than two complete racing distances, Kubica is closer than ever before. "The fact that I can make a Formula 1 Longrun after a six-year break shows that muscles and strength are not everything," says Kubica in an interview with the magazine 'F1Racing'. "I ask myself whether my head does not me Limits and my true limit goes beyond this, "the Pole continued. This limit was redefined for the then 26-year-old Kubica on February 6, He took part in a small rally in Italy at the time and had to fight for his life and the continuation of his career. In case of an accident, a guardrail penetrated into the cabin of his Skoda Fabia and severely injured Kubica on his right arm and leg. At first, it was not certain whether the physicians would be able to save the partially severed arm. The doctors succeeded in doing this, but the consequences are still clearly visible today. "I have no pain," says Kubica. "The mobility is restricted, and I can not train the arm much, but these are the consequences of an accident that I can not change." After the accident: memory of Formula 1 has hurt Motorsport first not to think. And so Kubica fell once into a deep hole. "The worst time was for me when I woke up in the morning and had nothing to do," he admits. "Then you have to think about it, maybe you look at old Grands Prix and think about the races that you miss more than others." "I've noticed that everything makes me sad, which reminds me of Formula 1." Robert KubicaTherefore, Kubica was certain that he would definitely return to a racecockpit. For the comeback, however, the Pole chose the discipline, with which he had so badly injured: the Rallyesport. This decision could not be understood by everyone in 2012. "Perhaps people did not understand why I did it, but the reason was quite simple," says Kubica. "I've noticed that everything makes me sad, which reminds me of Formula One, so I needed a change of scenery." On top of that, Kubica was not constantly being shown there, how big the disadvantage is by his handicap. "I had never raced a lot before, so I had no comparison and did not know how much I'm losing," he says. "That helped me." And also the sporting successes helped, in 2013 Kubica won the world title in the WRC2 class of the Rallye World Cup.Rallye World Championship from the beginning only a stopover

Spectacular, but last but not very successful: Robert Kubica in the World Rally Championship

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Subsequently, his comeback in the top class of the World Rally Championship stalled. Instead of sporting success, Kubica made headlines, especially through a lot of runoffs. Nevertheless, the Pole does not want to miss the chapter rally, because this time was very valuable for his development. "This may be strange, but in a sense, I think I'm a better rider than before. Through the rallying I became a little more delicate, and my head is doing well when you try new things." Kubica was the only time in the Rally World Championship, where he was the last driver and team-mate in the team. For his longing for Formula One was unbroken. But his passion did not keep quiet Poland from looking at what is possible and what is not. "Two or three years ago it would have been too early. I did not want to hurt myself," explains Kubica. "I would have been able to make it, but I would have also had a spa, but I would have known that I was not ready for anything else." "Two or three years ago it would have been too early." Robert Kubica about Formula 1- Comeback This changed in the beginning of 2016. Kubica took up the project "Formula One comeback" specifically. Without, of course, talking about it publicly. "I've been covered up, I've been racing with the rallying and I've only driven a few races," says Kubica, who last year, among other things, drove sports car races in the Renault brands cup. In small steps back to Formula 1 "Running in the background But all the possible investigations, because my goal was always to get back into a Formula 1 car, "says Kubica. At a WEC test in Bahrain, he returned to high speeds. At the beginning of 2017, he returned to the Formula One at the wheel of a GP3 bold. "All the small tests served to get me step by step to the physical strain." The Pole, however, deliberately did not want to return to a racecockpit at any price. "I had a lot of inquiries for different categories, but I always wanted to test a day before the race, sometimes it was not possible, and I had the impression that some people saw it as an excuse," says Kubica He was not able to get away from his path through this mistrust and worked hard on his physical and mental condition last year. "I have slowly decreased – I have weighed 14 kilos more than today – and have improved my fitness step by step," says Kubica. "I've also worked mentally step by step, with the risk that I'm mentally burning out in my situation, and that was the last thing I wanted to do: get rid of myself mentally." Mental preparation just as important as fitnessFor all this mental Preparation had been very important before his return to Formula One. For Kubica had to first gain the faith that despite his disability he is able to meet the demands. "80 percent make up the head, and if you believe you can achieve your goals, that's half the money," he says.

The consequences of the accident are still visible to Robert Kubica today


On 6th June Kubica had reached an important intermediate goal: in Valencia, he tested a car of the Lotus team from the season 2012 for Renault and beat himself more than eight. After another successful test drive in the "used car" followed the much-noticed test in early August in Hungary. And with the current car from Kubica, Kubica did well. "Formula 1 is perhaps the easiest to drive because of the power steering," he explains. The operation of the steering wheel, for which both shifters were moved to the left side, made him difficult despite his handicap. "I have shown that I have not forgotten anything, even if my hand looking at the mirror reminds me every morning of what happened six years ago," Kubica notes with satisfaction. "Of course, I'd like to have two arms, which I can use 100%, but that's not the case, so I have to work harder than before," said the pole to F1Racing.


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