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Roadmap: Google introduces better street-view cameras

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

Google has presented new cameras for its street map view. As Wired reports, the cameras are already in use and take first pictures of streets. For the first time in eight years, Google has installed new cameras on its recording vehicles.

Sharper and more detailed pictures
The new cameras should provide sharper and clearer images. Up to now, street-view recordings were often flattened and seemed to have been taken up by a sort of fog. With the new cameras, the colors should be much more lively.
The new cameras can also capture more details that Google wants to use with the help of algorithms. For example, the better quality should help to make more intuitive Google Maps search queries possible. For example, Jen Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Google and responsible for Maps, talks to Wired that the new cameras search queries like "What is the pink shop next to the church on the corner?" could be answered.
More information for more unspecified user requests
Such inquiries can only be answered with more information, explains the manager. In addition, the algorithms would help map the map itself: for some time now, Google has been able to add missing addresses by means of the recordings. The street names and house numbers in the photos would be evaluated accordingly and integrated as a searchable address in Maps. This technique could be particularly useful in countries that have not yet been fully developed and where many roads are still being built.

Considering that the concern for privacy could rise because of the higher picture quality, Fitzpatrick does not. She is not yet aware of a place where there is an increased threat to privacy, says the manager.


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