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Ricciardos berholorgie in Monza: "In the style of Nigel Mansells"

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 20:04

Honey badger in attack mode: Ricciardo left one of the Ferrari pilots behind him

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(cafetheology.org) – He drove almost without any hope of a top result, then had to drop a 25-second lead again and almost finished the podium at the end: the Italy Grand Prix on Sunday in Monza was fr Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo a fist-sized surprise – in the positive sense. "I was better off than I thought," the Australian is astonished at the performance of his RB13, which was on the highspeed track was actually the doomed. But it ran from the beginning good for Ricciardo, from the starting point 16 coming some paint exchange in the first and second chicane, but after a crunchy fight with the Sauber pilots worked in the top 10 within a few laps. "The tires felt sticky," he says about the Soft start and says he can not get a lot out of the tire: "But when I had free track, my pace was orderly." The engineers took advantage of it and left it on the track until round 37 of 52 before picking up fresh tires. The overcut strategy fueled to move past the Williams and Force India, which had previously turned to the crew. Ricciardo made the hunt for the Ferrari with a new Supersofts and ended up in round 41 Kimi Rikknen – with a crisp maneuver in the first chicane. "It's true, he's been clean and fair, but I'd be like that. If you're going through the field and the favor of the hour, it does not matter who you go." Ricciardo also the Sebastian Vettel on third place and the third place. In the 42nd round, he drove 1.1 seconds faster than the Germans, which would have resulted in 10 still outstanding rounds to close the gap. "But then he was able to do so, I've completely squeezed my tires," said the Red Bull driver, who came back to Vettel with 4,018 seconds. Teamchef Christian Horner's performance: "He has shown some phnomenale berholmanver," he praises Ricciardo. "It's an incredible comeback, he's one of the best bombshells, and his sense of slowing down and still getting the turn is madness, that's Nigel Mansell's style." The Briton also mentions a car tuned well for the race and believes that it would have been better than the Ferrari. To the astonishment of Ricciardo.


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