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Ricciardo: "With a Renault engine would be McLaren fast"

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08. September 2017 – 10:18

The suffering of Fernando Alonso: Is Renault the solution?

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(cafetheology.org) – These days is expected with a decision as to whether McLaren will actually be separated from Honda and 2018 with Renault drive units to the start. But were the problems of Fernando Alonso's team solved? "I think McLaren would be much stronger with a Renault engine," says Daniel Ricciardo, opposite the 'Marca'. And the verdict of the Red Bull driver has a weight, he says, for several years now with Renault engines. "Unfortunately, it has not been possible in recent years to make McLaren fast," explains Ricciardo. "So I think they are automatically faster when they take a Renault or some other engine, because the car looks very good, so they should be faster in the coming season." Engine, because even the Renault drive unit is not on the same level as Ferrari or Mercedes. But no comparison with what Alonso has to go through at McLaren-Honda. "It's a good thing to pay well, so I do not think he really suffers, I feel my compassion is limited," Ricciardo jokes. "To break a lance for the Spaniard:" I like Fernando very much and respect him very much as a driver. "I'd like to see if the wish of the five-time Grand Prix victor, the winner of the Grand Prix, who has already made life difficult for Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull in 2014, will be fulfilled. "I can have a chance in many teams in 2019," he says openly about a possible farewell to Red Bull. "Then the market will open," he says, the top teams are occupied by 2018.


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