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Ricciardo wants to fight against youth – like madness Valentino Rossi

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Sports

12. September 2017 – 16:11

For Daniel Ricciardo, Valentino Rossi is a model for dealing with the youth

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(cafetheology.org) – Valentino Rossi's ability to compete against many young, aspiring stars in the MotoGP is an inspiration for Daniel Ricciardo in Formula One. The Australian will be given the opportunity to compete at Red Bull through his "teens team colleague" Max Stamping under pressure – and already in the second season. For the 28-year-old, it was a steep learning curve to deal with this situation. At the age of 38 Rossi still won races in the MotoGP, and Ricciardo would like to follow the example of the Italian and face the challenge of Formula One Youngster in a similar way put. "I've never been in a comparable situation, and I've had a much younger team-mate," says Ricciardo, "on the edge of an event of his own kart team," against cafetheology.org. "Before that, I was always the younger, or age-old "The Red Bull pilot added," It was probably the same for Vettel when I came to Red Bull. " "I think that the hype about Max was much bigger than I was at that time," Valentino Rossi has been struggling for ten years, I guess. "Learn from the young team colleague The Australian adds," There are two ways to deal with it : "Wow, he gets all the attention and so on" – or it can make you unsettled and undefeated, especially in this year he got better and I've also recognized that, instead of constantly searching for excuses. "Ricciardo tried, To find ways to become better and "to be one step ahead of the times". "I think Rossi has done this in the past few years," said the Australian. "These kids are coming and getting better and better, he has found a way to develop himself, so I'm so critical of myself, but I believe I've managed to keep up." According to the Red Bull It is important "to learn from bad times" and not to be "stubborn". "I'm too sensitive" "I'm a couple of years longer in Formula One, and I'm probably going to be." "I'm too sensitive," Ricciardo says sometimes even in the way, I'm too sensitive, "explains the fourth of the World Cup table. "It should not be an excuse, but sometimes I should just say 'shit on it' and accept me with it. I've installed these small sensors in my body, and I have to get rid of them somehow. "According to Ricciardo," he says, "does not have so many sensors," he says, "so maybe he'll be better off with some scenarios, or maybe I just need to persist longer "he added.


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