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Ricciardo to Monza fully motivated: "Wishing Singapore victory"

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

"On this course, it is a great result for us to have the second strongest car," praises Red Bulls Motorsports Consul Helmut Marko against 'Sky' Ricciardo's fourth place. But where would he have landed if he had not set off from grid position 16, but instead of third place without motor penalty? "I think we would have been a respectable distance to Mercedes and left both Ferrari behind us," the Austrian is convinced. "I think we would have left both Ferrari behind us without penalties." Helmut MarkoUsache for the Red- Bull decision-makers still clearly the Renault drive unit. "If you listen to the drivers at the debriefing, it's already clear what is still missing and where we are losing time, but the chassis has worked very well on this track," says Horner. "Mercedes was a class of its own on this circuit, and there is no need to discuss how the current power relationship in Formula 1 looks like in terms of engine power." The Red Bull has worked exceptionally in wet conditions where the engine power does not play such a big role.Why did the RB13 work in Monza? But how did Red Bull manage to be so fast despite the engine disadvantage in Monza, especially it still at Spa meant that Ferrari has made great progress on fast distances? Does the RB13, which was originally designed for low air resistance, now show its advantages? "I do not believe it has to do with it," Horner shakes his head. "We have developed the car strongly and changed significantly." One had found such a good mixture of downforce and little air resistance. "It has also been seen how strong the car is on the brake", the teamchef sees another strength of the RB13. "Before Daniel's overtaking maneuver against Kimi, he was eternally far away." Should the grid penalties be postponed? Another key was that the package for little downforce in Italy worked much better than in Belgium. "There was a bit too little down there, but compared to our competitors, we could see that our tail wing was very slim to reach a decent top speed, while the others have some other advantages elsewhere," explains Horner. During the development of the package, everything was subject to the subject of top speed. With success, as the result shows. So, were Red Bull so later better advised, the grid penalties not in Monza, but on a track, where one is less competitive? Horner disagrees: "This was strategically the right place to take these punishments, which will put us in a better position for the coming races, where we hopefully will be competitive." He also assumes it is not the last time this season will be that his pilots must accept penalties in the starting lineup: "I hope, however, that we can choose the place for it strategically."


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